The feasibility of employing shell powder as a novel bio-filler to prepare fluorocarbon coating is demonstrated. According to the relevant Chinese standards, the thermal and mechanical properties of the shell powder-filled fluorocarbon coating were evaluated, and compared with those filled by commercial calcium carbonate. All the shell power-filled coatings can meet the requirements stated in the relevant standards, and with decreasing the particle size of the shell powders, the performance of the thermal insulation coating is enhanced. The coating (SC3) filled by shell powders with an average particle size of 2.81 μm possesses a better thermal insulation performance than the coating (CC) filled by commercial calcium carbonate. The coating SC3 has comparable adhesive force and washing resistance with the coating CC, and in the washing resistance test, after 2000 cycles, the coating SC3 was still able to cover totally their substrates. This work demonstrates a high value-added disposal method for the aquacultural wastes.

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Available online 2 March 2018