Paint Istanbul 2018: WACKER Presents a New Dispersible Polymer Powder with Exceptional Balance between Tensile Adhesive Strength and Flexibility

At Paint Istanbul, WACKER is premiering the flexible dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 4240 N, which offers an exceptionally good balance between flexibility and tensile adhesive strength. The powder, which is based on vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE), is extremely well suited to various wall applications such as adhesive and embedding mortar in external thermal insulation composite systems or finishing plasters. At Paint Istanbul and for the first time in the region, WACKER will also be showcasing PRIMIS® SAF 9000/9001, SILRES® BS 710, and SILRES® BS 6920 from its portfolio for various easy-to-clean applications. Paint Istanbul will run from March 22 to 24 in the Istanbul Expo Center.

Laboratory experiments show that the new dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 4240 N has a better tensile adhesive strength and stripping resistance than conventional market products after just one day. This ensures a very strong adhesive bond between an EPS panel and masonry in external thermal insulation composite systems.

WACKER is expanding its portfolio of dispersible polymer powders to include VINNAPAS® 4240 N, which is both highly flexible and offers excellent adhesive properties. The high proportion of ethylene in the polymer chain means that VINNAPAS® 4240 N has a low glass transition temperature. It therefore displays good crack-bridging properties and improves the flexibility of mineral mortars, which provides excellent compensation for tensions that occur as a result of temperature fluctuations, weathering, shrinkage of construction materials, or vibrations. The flexible dispersible polymer powder also features particularly good resistance towards severe impacts, which plays a major role for embedding mortars in external thermal insulation composite systems as well as finishing plasters.

In addition, VINNAPAS® 4240 N enhances the cohesion of the end product, thereby improving adhesion to inorganic and organic surfaces. Consequently, an extremely strong adhesive bond can be formed between EPS panels and masonry, for example, in adhesive and embedding mortars in external thermal insulation composite systems. In thick-layer finishing plasters such as thermal insulation plasters, the greater cohesion also generates improved mechanical properties.

VINNAPAS® 4240 N can also be combined easily with other polymeric binders. Together with the soft dispersion VINNAPAS® 760 ED for two-part sealing slurries, using VINNAPAS® 4240 N in the dry component achieves a very high tensile adhesive strength in the end product without impacting the system’s crack-bridging properties.

Easy-Care, Dirt-Repellent Surfaces

For the first time in the region, at this year’s Paint Istanbul WACKER will be presenting solutions for dirt-repellent treatment of the most diverse surfaces. Thanks to their unique composition, the dispersions of the PRIMIS® SAF 9000 series, for instance, are both oleophobic and hydrophobic. In the end product, these dispersions protect walls and concrete and stone floors from many different types of stains – from coffee and red wine to colored pencils. For concrete and flowing-screed floors in high-traffic areas, the novel SILRES® BS 6920 binder – a product based on the company’s alpha-silane technology – offers excellent stain protection and exceptional durability, yielding floors that are easy to care for with minimal cleaning effort. SILRES® BS 710 is WACKER’s highly effective, concentrated anti-graffiti agent: thanks to the permanent, elastic, protective silicone film that it forms, graffiti can be easily washed off with water, while stickers, posters and signs can be removed effortlessly. A particular benefit of this product is that it contains no organotin compounds or oximes, and is formulated with little solvent.


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