Novacolor launches new decorative effect paints produced with biomass balanced BASF binders

  • “Africa”, “Puro” and “Patina Minerale” products are dedicated for sophisticated interior decorations and combine both aesthetics and sustainability aspects
  • The textured plasters are manufactured with biomass balanced dispersions of BASF sold under the Acronal®brand

As of now Novacolor offers new decorative effect paints under the “Africa”, “Puro” and “Patina Minerale” brand names. The textured plasters meet the challenge of combining design and sustainability: Puro is an opaque mineral water-based innovation based on potassium polysilicate, which is odorless and neither contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) nor Formaldehyde. For indoor and outdoor glazing, Novacolor offers the new “Patina Minerale” product, a mineral color wash based on silicates, that recalls the ancient patinas with its chromatic effect. And “Africa”, the finish for interior decoration, which creates a changeable and pleasant play of light and reflected colors based on gentle metallic effects, complements the product range.

The new decorative paints are manufactured with BASF dispersions of the Acronal® brand processed according to the biomass balance process. In this approach, the fossil resources are replaced by sustainable biomass already at the beginning of the production process. In a calculatory process certified by the German Technical Supervisory Association TÜV SÜD, the applied share of renewable resources is then virtually allocated to the new dispersion product line. According to this calculation, up to 100% of the fossil resources can be replaced by renewable raw materials.

Novacolor’s commitment is to create high quality materials and more sustainable products. Thanks to the continuous work of its Research and Development department and constant dialogue with the professionals, the company has made in recent years an important and conscious effort to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of critical substances and solvents, starting from the study and “design” phase of new materials. “Novacolor has chosen to always anticipate trends, continually researching new solutions with an extreme focus on ecology. Thanks to the strong partnership with BASF we launch three products on the market, that meet the challenges of ecology and sustainability, redesigning the production chain,” says Roberta Vecci, Marketing director Novacolor Srl.

”Consumers increasingly require more sustainable architectural coatings which at the same time do not compromise on quality. With the biomass balance process, we meet this demand and support paint manufacturers to fulfill the market needs along the value chain. We are happy, that more and more customers offer products with biomass balanced dispersions,” explains Robert Heger, Vice President, in charge of the dispersions business of BASF for Construction and Architectural Coatings in Europe.


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