Highlights of the American Coatings Show 2018

The American Coatings Show and Conference is getting close. Coatings industry experts will meet at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from April 9-12 to share information about the latest trends and technologies in the industry. ACS show floor is completely sold out and there will be  558 exhibitors that booked a total exhibition area of 137.500 square feet. You will find below some of the technologies that will be presented at this year’s event.


Solvay will introduce a new line of products designed to answer customers’ unmet needs in creating binder, color and performance systems, when the global specialty chemical company supplier exhibits at the American Coatings Show, at booth 1541, April 10-12 in Indianapolis.

The new products deliver a range of benefits that include excellent emulsion stability, particle-size control; improved adhesion to difficult substrates; exceptional pigment wetting and dispersion; enhanced color acceptance, compatibility and workability. They provide better film performance, such as high scrub, stain and water resistance, open-time or freeze-thaw improvement for the development of environmentally friendly formulations intended for architectural paints, industrial coatings, adhesives and printing inks.

Solvay draws from its expertise in surface chemistry to deliver tailored solutions that boost the performance of various coatings formulations. Its product portfolio focuses on three main areas of coatings expertise:

Binder Solutions
  • As a global leader in emulsion polymerization, Solvay offers a range of specialty surfactants and monomers that enable the conversion from solvent- to water-based coatings systems.
  • Products such as Rhodasurf®, Rhodafac®, Rhodapex® and Aerosol® surfactant solutions, as well as the Sipomer® PAM, WAM and B CEA series of APE- and VOC-free specialty adhesion monomers can enhance adhesion to metals such as aluminum, cold rolled steel and other difficult substrates.
Color Solutions
  • High efficiency Rhodoline® 3000 and 4000 dispersants for water-based pigment concentrates provide exceptional color intensity, color acceptance improvement, high stability and optimum viscosity, facilitating the development of formulations intended for different applications in architectural paints, industrial coatings and printing inks.
  • Rhodoline® WA 265N is a new VOC- and APE-free, low-foaming wetting and dispersing agent specifically designed for waterborne architectural paints for improved pigment wetting, color compatibility and stability properties.
Performance Solutions
  • Rhodoline® CL 3101, a new breakthrough, odor-free, low-VOC, coalescent agent designed for waterborne architectural paints, provides excellent film-forming properties without compromising paint performance.
  • Rhodoline® OTE 600, an innovative, VOC-free, open-time extender, improves workability of low- to zero-VOC paints. This product enables paint formulators to lower VOC content by removing glycols in their formulations.

In addition to the new products, Solvay will highlight the launch of its new web-platform, designed to showcase the value proposition of its coatings product portfolio and enhance the user experience.


Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) will showcase a new hybrid epoxy/polysiloxane resin during the 2018 American Coatings Show that offers superior performance in protective coatings.

When cross-linked with aminosilanes, topcoats that incorporate Hexion’s EPOSIL Resin 5550 offer excellent resistance to corrosion, higher service temperatures and anti-graffiti properties, while providing excellent gloss retention and lower yellowing.  Hybrid epoxy/polysiloxane coatings offer superior durability and are a high performance alternative to traditional aliphatic polyurethane coatings that contain free isocyanate monomers.

“Since this technology has a successful history of use in protective coatings, EPOSIL Resin 5550 will help our customers to develop improved specialty coatings for high value applications,” said Dan Weinmann, Market Development Manager, Epoxy Specialties.   “With the introduction of this new hybrid resin, Hexion offers our customers a viable route to the formulation of lower yellowing, isocyanate-free topcoats.”

Recommended applications for Hexion’s EPOSIL Resin 5550 include anti-graffiti coatings, dry erase coatings, higher temperature coatings (up to 600 °F; 315 °C),  and protective coatings for new construction such as airports, stadiums, bridges, piping and offshore platforms.

In new construction, topcoats based on EPOSIL Resin 5550, when applied over a zinc-rich primer, can eliminate the midcoat in traditional three-layer coatings systems, leading to reduced costs and time savings.

To learn more about this new resin system, visit Hexion at Booth 2348  at the American Coatings Show, April 9-12, 2018, attend our technical presentation at the ACS Conference, or log onto

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Hydrite Chemical Co., an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at this year’s American Coatings Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 10-12, 2018 in booth 343.

The American Coatings Show and Conference is North America’s premier coatings industry event.  This event offers multiple educational and networking opportunities including product presentations, 10 pre-conference tutorials, keynote presentations, and over 15 technical sessions covering topics including Functional and Smart Coatings, Measuring and Testing, and Protective Coatings.

This year at the American Coatings Show, Hydrite will display its complete line of polymers, solvents, defoamers, antifoam and air release agents.  Hydrite will have a team of experts at the show ready to discuss everything from emulsions and resin solutions to foam control technology, solvent recycling and waste handling.

Hydrite is a full-service supplier of styrene/acrylic emulsion polymers and solutions for the water-based inks and coatings industry.  Its HydriPrint™ and Hydricryl™ product lines offer a wide range of performance attributes to meet application requirements.

Hydrite provides fully integrated lab services designed to help solve the toughest foaming issues and provide a professional report detailing the results and solution recommendations.

Terry Chomniak, Director of Sales – Process Organics, commented, “We are excited to exhibit again at this year’s event.  It’s a great opportunity for us to meet with industry manufacturers and share our toll manufacturing capabilities.  We look forward to showcasing our wide range of products and having our technical experts discuss your toll manufacturing challenges.”

Wanhua Chemical

Wanhua Chemical will present its comprehensive range of coating solutions at Booth 1041 at America’s largest coating show, ACS 2018, from April 10 – 12 in Indianapolis, USA. This is the very first time that Wanhua Chemical is exhibiting at the American Coatings Show where it’ll demonstrate what the company can offer to the industry.

Wanhua performance chemical materials segment will highlight its broad portfolio of high performance solutions and unveil a variety of innovations, especially in the areas of industrial coatings, automotive OEM and refinish, wood coatings, transportation and plastics coatings. The aim is to provide customers with sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the current and future demands in the market and continue creating value.

At the ACS 2018, Wanhua experts will explain more details about WANNATE® HDI, HMDI and HDI derivatives, WANALINK®6200 and WANAMINE® H12MDA, Archsol® Anti-formaldehyde paint solutions and Antkote® Hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic dispersion.

Michelman-New Low-VOC Topical Wood Treatment raises the bar for Water Resistance

Michelman’s new Michem® Wood Coating 44 is a water-based surface modifier for use in exterior wood stains and sealants that helps produce wood coatings with excellent weatherability characteristics. This topical wood treatment is a low-VOC and environmentally responsible solution that imparts outstanding water beading, along with excellent water and swell resistance.

Michem Wood Coating 44 penetrates deep into wood substrates and is user-friendly posing no re-coatability issues, so a second or third layer can easily be applied. With its superior water-resistant properties, the new additive improves surface aesthetics by slowing mold and fungal growth, and improving color integrity. Michem Wood Coating 44 also produces a pleasing, natural surface appearance and is particularly suitable for softwood as well as extending the look and use of outdoor wood furniture.

The easy-to-use exterior wood treatment is based on naturally occurring products. It is the latest addition to Michelman’s family of low-VOC Michem Wood Coating solutions that raise the water resistance standard for waterborne deck stains and sealants.

Michelman will introduce Michem Wood Coating 44 at the American Coatings Show 2018 April 10th -12th, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. John Jacquin, Michelman’s Technical Service & Application Development Manager, has a product presentation on April 10th at 2:40 pm, outlining its benefits and uses.

Clariant-additives for sustainable coatings solutions

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, debuts new sustainable additives to support new challenges, product claims and the increasing demand within North America for more sustainable coatings solutions at American Coatings Show 2018 (Booth #2531).

Its regional unveiling of advanced surface solutions, flame retardants and performance additives extends current possibilities for coatings manufacturers to sustainably improve the safety, protective lifetime, and aesthetic performance of waterborne and solventborne coatings and respond to rising environmental demands and lifestyle, mobility and urbanization trends.

Highlight ACS 2018 products for wood, automotive and architectural applications address key challenges facing coatings manufacturers, such as reduction of VOCs and halogen content, formulation efficiency and flexibility, and renewable ingredients. They include those distinguished with Clariant’s EcoTain® label for their outstanding sustainability and performance excellence.

Multifunctional/multi-usage toolbox “allrounder”
Clariant introduces a new high-performance light stabilizer to the formulator toolbox suitable for all kinds of highly durable clear and pigmented coatings and numerous applications, including automotive clear coats, plastic coatings, coil coatings and high-end wood coatings. Hostavin® TB-03 is a synergistic combination of a high performance UV absorber and a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), characterized by its broad compatibility in solventborne and waterborne coatings.

Superior UV stabilization against the adverse effects of outdoor weathering
Possibilities to sustainably extend the performance lifetime of wood and plastic coatings and automotive refinishes receive a boost. AddWorks® LXR™ 308 AP is a liquid light stabilizer offering excellent low in-can color and long lasting UV efficiency to vehicle refinishes clearcoat. For wood, facade and plastic coatings, Hostavin 3070 offers outstanding weathering and resistance to migration and bleaching. Hostavin 3070 powder and Hostavin 3070 dispersion offer a “label free” alternative to traditional HALS used in solventborne and waterborne systems respectively.

Hostavin 3070 dispersion has been awarded the Clariant EcoTain label for outstanding sustainability and best-in-class performance. For solventborne and waterborne clear and stain exterior wood protective coatings for high-end applications, Clariant offers Hostavin 3326 (dispersion and powder) which – used synergistically with Hostavin 3070 – acts as an excellent UV-protective system.

Renewable-based micronized hard waxes for surface modification
Specifically for water-based wood coatings, Clariant now offers North American coatings manufacturers the opportunity to use two new renewable material-based high-performance waxes with comparable performance to standard types. Ceridust® 8090 TP creates a protected and smooth surface with the pleasant feel of untreated wood. Ceridust 8091 TP combines smoothness with very high scratch resistance. Both are awarded the Clariant EcoTain label.

Long-life non-halogenated intumescent coatings for attractive steel constructions
Exolit® AP 435 is a ground-breaking new halogen-free flame retardant that prolongs the shelf-life of water-based intumescent coatings without affecting fire protection properties. Coatings containing Exolit AP 435 have a low and stable viscosity, even in cold environments and after long storage, offering customers increased flexibility on the construction site. The fine-particle ammonium polyphosphate has the same high quality and performance level as Clariant’s well-known Exolit AP 422 and both carry the Clariant EcoTain label.

Tyler Kilgannon, Head of Sales North America at Clariant, comments: “For Clariant, greater sustainability for our customers goes beyond supporting them with renewable-based or more environmentally-compatible ingredients. It’s about boosting their efficiency in creating coatings with longer-lasting performance or greater functionality and aesthetics. For us it is key that they can meet the increasing expectations from their end-customers, whether consumer or industrial. We are excited to introduce additives solutions at ACS 2018 that will help the North American coatings markets to embrace evolving trends, while addressing safety and environmental challenges.”

Eastman-Tetrashield™ protective resin systems

Three brightly painted suits of armor will greet visitors when they stop by the Eastman booth during the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 10-12, 2018. More than a unique photo op, the knights are coated with paint containing Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems to demonstrate the technology’s ability to improve appearance and durability. Tetrashield technology has been shown in third party labs to provide superior weathering, scratch protection, and chemical resistance while also enabling productivity and sustainability enhancements.

“A game-changer like Tetrashield doesn’t come along very often in the coatings industry,” said Charles Giaudrone, General Manager of the Eastman Coatings and Inks business. “With Tetrashield, formulators can now develop coatings that address some of the most significant challenges facing their customers such as increasing the durability of automotive coatings, creating high-performing BPA-free food and beverage packaging, and improving the protection of industrial assets.”

Visitors to Eastman booth #1885 can put Tetrashield to the test by running a key across painted metal panels. With this hands-on demonstration, visitors can see the superior durability of a Tetrashield-based coating compared to a commercial paint. For formulators wanting more details about Tetrashield, Eastman technology team members will have comparative data on the technology’s weatherability, chemical resistance, and hardness. With its unique balance of flexibility and hardness, Tetrashield is a novel technology that meets or exceeds both appearance and durability standards. Eastman has developed Tetrashield protective solutions for multiple markets including automotive, industrial, and metal packaging.

In addition to Tetrashield, Eastman offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive product portfolios in the coatings industry. During ACS, coatings technology experts will be on hand to help formulators navigate Eastman’s extensive portfolio, which includes adhesion promoters, amines, cellulose esters, coalescents, solvents, and resin intermediates.

For high resolution images of the knights coated with paint containing Eastman Tetrashield, please visit this website. Browse our online panel library to see how Tetrashield-based coatings compare to coatings made with other resins. The tests demonstrate weathering, gloss retention, mar resistance, scratch resistance, microscratch, and side-by-side surface comparisons.

Worlée Product innovations

With a comprehensive range of additives and binders, the northern German company supplies chemical raw materials, in very modern production facilities, with environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient production methods, and versatility. The Worlée portfolio has been expanded by new developments last year within the WorléeCryl, WorléeThix and WorléeSol product families and were presented for the first time at the European Coatings Show 2017. These products will also be found at the ACS this year.

WorléeThix – thixotropic alkyd emulsions
With the new items in the WorléeThix product group, the family company is offering two thixotropic alkyd emulsions that allow the production of drip-resistant lacquer systems that can be thinned with water. The two product types can be differentiated by their viscosity. While WorléeThix VP E 165 W is supplied as a solid gel, WorléeThix VP E 166 W is available as a soft gel.As co-binding agents, WorléeThix VP E 165 W and WorléeThix VP E 166 W lessen the phase separation during paint storage and improve the rheology during application to vertical surfaces, meaning that they can also easily be used for wood finishes. Both products are shear-stable and feature a solids content of 40%. In addition, polar solvents have little to no influence on the thixotropy of the lacquer systems.

WorléeSol VGT 8709
With 97 % renewable raw materials content, the new binder WorléeSol VGT 8709 is especially environmentally friendly and is receiving top marks in the Worlée portfolio. The solvent-free, medium oil, specially modified alkyd emulsion is used in water-thinnable decorative and architectural paints with excellent gloss and good hardness development.

WorléeSol NW 474
WorléeSol NW 474 is a long oil amine and co-solvent free alkyd emulsion and especially suitable for the manufacturing of wood care products and protecting stains.A further application field for WorléeSol NW 474 is open time and body improvement of decorative and house paints based on WorléeSol E 150 W by addition of 3 – 10 % on total formulation. The content of renewable raw materials is 83 %.

WorléeCryl 7712 W
Is a special cationic pure acrylic solution for wood insulating primer; it has excellent sealing properties against bleeding and protects the top coat against discolouration, blistering and adhesion loss. WorléeCryl 7712 W can also be used for the production of nicotine insulating paints and clear glazes.
Worlée’s commitment to sustainability
The topic of “sustainability” has been deeply embedded in Worlée’s cooperate philosophy for decades. The family-owned company is not concerned with simply going along with a trend but instead concentrates on actively shaping ideas while at the same time being in keeping with social standards and offering added value to employees. Worlée has already been presented with numerous awards for its involvement. In order to summarize company development in this area in a transparent way, the raw-materials manufacturer from northern Germany has presented their first sustainability report at the ECS in 2017. The main areas of focus are company management, products and customers, the environment, and employees.

Troy-Advanced Preservatives

Troy Corporation announced today that the company will be exhibiting at the American Coatings Show 2018 in Indianapolis, IN from April 10-12th. Troy invites visitors to Set a Course for Troy Booth 1442 to learn about the advanced products and unique value-added services available to customers.

Set a Course for More Solutions
Troy will be presenting its full line of advanced products at Booth 1442, including next generation Polyphase, Fungitrol, and Troysan dry-film preservatives; advanced Mergal and Nuosept wet-state preservatives; multifunctional, sustainable performance additives for liquid and powder coatings; and driers. Troy will also be exhibiting its full suite of services, including worldwide field testing, the unique TMMA microbial management program, and global regulatory support.

The Troy exhibit at this years ACS will be an important destination for formulators seeking solutions, says Troys Dr. Frank Cangelosi, Vice President, Marketing. Coatings manufacturers face numerous challenges globally but Troys premier portfolio of products and services enables them to succeed.

Set a Course for New Technology
Troy is featuring innovative new product technology and world-class services at ACS 2018. Performance, quality, sustainability, and value are at the heart of all new Troy products, continues Cangelosi. Troy develops technologies that customers need to stay ahead of their competition, and supports these products with value-added services and extensive testing to optimize results in customer formulations.

Advanced Preservatives
Troy will be showcasing its latest Polyphase CR technology, consisting of next generation controlled release dry-film fungicide + algaecides. These preservatives are highly resistant to leaching, resulting in remarkably long-lasting coatings protection as well as providing environmental benefits. Troy will also be exhibiting its advanced Mergal wet-state preservatives offering powerful quick kill activity, long-lasting protection, as well as additional performance and cost-in-use benefits. The latest Mergal wet-state preservatives are excellent choices for modern green coatings, as they are free of VOC, APE, & formaldehyde.

Performance Additives
Troy will feature its new Troysperse ZWD green pigment dispersants for aqueous systems. Troysperse ZWD dispersants promote excellent pigment dispersion at low use levels for optimal cost-in-use, and are environmentally friendly. The full line of Powdermate powder coating additives engineered for a wide range of applications from automotive and clear coats to general industrial will be displayed as well. Powdermate additives provide degassing, flow & leveling, and texturing, as well as additional functionalities. Troy will also present its complete line of driers, including cobalt alternative solutions and a new line of driers developed for water-based paint & coatings.

BYK-Additives for an Optimized Future

As a leader in innovative additive technology, BYK offers premium solutions across a variety of applications. Our closeness to customers and markets enables a deeper understanding of specific challenges in the most diverse applications. At this year’s American Coatings Show, BYK will reveal a collection of new additives that are systematically tailored to meet market requirements.

New surface technology, BYK-3565 is a macromer-modified acrylate additive. Its special modification enables it to orientate itself towards the coating surface while increasing the surface energy of the dried coating film. This simultaneously improves the overcoatability offering advantages in automotive and general industrial coatings, as well as in architectural coatings.

To further develop the rheology product portfolio, BYK will present two high performing thickeners that are free from APEO, VOC, S-VOC, tin and propylene glycol.
OPTIFLO-T 1010 for aqueous coatings provides enhanced syneresis and spatter resistance and shows a significant improvement in spreadability in the high shear area.
OPTIFLO-H 7625 VF generates high pseudo-plastic flow properties which increases viscosity, reduces sagging tendency and increases stability in the low shear range. Both additives can be used in many applications, offering a high level of effectiveness and reducing the complexity of the coating system.

This year, BYK will present a series of in-booth presentations focusing on the latest additive advances and technology trends.

Lubrizol-Latest Innovations

The Lubrizol Corporation announces it will participate at the American Coatings Show, which will be held April 9-12 in Indianapolis, IN.

Lubrizol will exhibit in booth #1643, showcasing its latest coating technology innovations using an interactive, augmented reality experience. Some of these new innovations include:

·         Aptalon(TM) polyamide polyurethane technology that provides outstanding protection and durability for wood and metal surfaces.

·         Solsperse(TM) water-borne hyperdispersant technology that combines high color development with corrosion protection benefits.

·         Carboset® acrylic resin technology that provides outstanding corrosion protection in coatings for transporting and storing metal components.

·         PowderAdd(TM) micronized wax technology that enables unique matting and texturing effects for powder coated metal surfaces.

·         Lanco(TM) micronized wax technology that delivers matting efficiency while providing high scratch and mar resistance for wood and metal applications.

Through augmented reality, customers can experience the unique performance, simplicity and sustainability benefits that Lubrizol products can bring to their coatings in a fun and educational way.

Lubrizol experts will present two technical presentations at the American Coatings Conference that should prove highly informative for coatings formulators. The first presentation, on Monday, April 9, will focus on “Design of Pigment Dispersants for High Performance Applications.” The second, on April 10, will cover “Aesthetic Value in Polyamide-Based Polyurethane Coatings.”

In addition, Lubrizol will deliver four product presentations on innovative chemistries that enable formulators to design new performance capabilities into their coatings.

·         Aptalon(TM) M8100 – a water-borne, self-crosslinking polyurethane dispersion integrating polyamide polyol technology designed for outstanding protection in high performance metal applications.

·         Solsperse(TM) W100 – a multi-purpose dispersant which stabilizes and disperses particles at lower dosages than current alternatives in water-based paints, inks, and concentrates, saving money and improving film properties.

·         Carboset® CR-3100 –  a low VOC, direct-to-metal acrylic resin that delivers excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

·         PowderAdd(TM) 9566 and 9533 – unique post-addable powder coating technologies that can turn pre-manufactured powder coatings into a textured product or a lower gloss product, saving time and money in inventory management.

“The American Coatings Show is one of the most widely attended events that impacts our industry,” notes Steve Blashka, business director, Lubrizol Performance Coatings North America. “It presents an outstanding opportunity for us to raise awareness about new Lubrizol technologies and their value in modern coating formulations. We’ve been busy innovating, and we look forward to discussing how our latest products and expertise can bring value to our customers’ brands through differentiated coating performance.”


BECKOPOX™ EH 2162 is a newly developed high solids, low viscosity and HAPS-free epoxy curing agent designed for use in low VOC (< 50 g/l) 2K epoxy coatings. This newly developed epoxy hardener is designed to be used in a wide range of concrete primers and multi-layer epoxy coatings systems.   It has also been designed to be used in conjunction with allnex epoxy resins to create an ‘acid stained look’ achievable in the DIY market space without the need of applying the full acid stain process. This unique characteristic provides users with faster return to use, a simplified process which is also DIY capable and, more vibrant color options.

Key benefits of BECKOPOX™ EH 2162 include:

  • Outstanding concrete penetration, leading to improved adhesion & a true ‘wet look’
  • Water based system capable of deep penetrating vibrant ‘acid stained look’ colors
  • HAPS-free water based hardener designed for low VOC systems
  • Exceptional chemical and water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to damp concrete
  • Can be top coated with ACURE™
  • Excellent hot-tire pickup
  • Extended pot-life

Regional Marketing Manager, Tim Kittler says, “With this product we have developed a solution which is particularly applicable for the DIY concrete market like garage floors while capable of providing a color pallet from basic grey up to custom decorative looks, in a low VOC <50 g/L solution. Additionally, BECKOPOX™ EH 2162 is perfectly suited to professional concrete markets, particularly when paired with other systems such as ACURE™.”

BECKOPOX™ EH 2162 is a great example underscoring allnex’s commitment to offering green innovations through the development of low-VOC coatings while simultaneously advancing performance.

allnex will be demonstrating these systems and showing the achievable color range at the American Coatings Show booth #1233.




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