Michelman will showcase its versatile and waterborne emulsions  with a focus on high performance wood applications at the American Coatings Show (ACS) 2018, being held April 10-12, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Michelman, recognized globally for its waterborne emulsification and dispersion technologies for interior and exterior wood applications, combines collaborative innovation with polymer design expertise and smart surface/interface modification.  Michelman emulsions provide unique, optimized, and versatile wood coating solutions to the industry. These solutions include Michem® Emulsion 62330 and Michem® Emulsion 67235.

Michem Emulsion 62330 adds value to a wide range of markets including paint & coatings, fiberglass, floor care, wood finishes, automotive care products, building products, carpets, die lubricants, and urethane foam. When added to varnishes and other coatings, this fine particle sized emulsion provides gloss with excellent water repellency, corrosion & block resistance and lubricity.

Michem Emulsion 67235 is a phenol free additive best used in waterborne coatings where improved slip, rub resistance, hardness and/or block resistance is needed. It is very effective for mar resistance in floor coating applications.

Event attendees will also learn more about Michelman’s approach of collaborative innovation in creating these versatile solutions.   According to Ginger Merritt, Vice President, Coatings & Country Manager, China, Michelman (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co., Ltd., “Michelman believes in collaborative R&D with a focus on addressing mega-trends and future challenges. The company has invested heavily in its Advanced Materials Collaboration Center (AMCC) by establishing its New Technologies Group, focusing on developing new technologies for the future success of our customers and the industry.”