Organozirconiums had been studied as the peroxyl radical scavenger in UV-curing coatings, which had varied performance in overcoming oxygen inhibition. Herein we modified the complex of zirconium with organic fluorides in order to increase its efficiency of peroxyl radical scavenging. A formulation consists of two conventional monomers(Ebercyl 270 and TPGDA) and an oxygen-sensitive photoinitiator TPO was employed in this study. With different content added in the formulation, the UV-cured coatings had different depth conversion profiles, which were measured by confocal Raman microscopy. Moreover, the standing time for the enrichment of fluorinated organozirconium products to the surface of the coatings and two irradiation sources (Hg-Xe lamp and UV-LED lamp) were adopted to emphasize their properties against oxygen inhibition. Finally, it is shown that fluorinated organozirconiums can lead to tack-free coatings, while the cured films from neat formulation remain tacky.

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Progress in Organic Coatings

Volume 120, July 2018, Pages 228-233