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The use of silicon-based technologies in the coatings market has evolved over the decades, allowing formulators to create differentiated, high performance protective and decorative coatings. Silicone resins and resin intermediates have found utility in heat resistant paint and industrial, marine and protective coatings (1950s); coil coatings (1970s); and, most recently, hybrid resin systems (1990s), creating interpenetrating silicone-organic resins with attributes of both chemistries for premium topcoat finishes.

Paint and coating formulations incorporating DOWSIL™ silicone resins and resin intermediates exhibit improved resistance to:
• Temperature
• Moisture
• Corrosion
• Electrical discharge
• Weathering
With excellent compatibility with many organic resins, silicone resins can provide a wide range of film and performance properties for many high value applications.

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