Organofunctional silanes by Wacker


Under the brand family GENIOSIL®, WACKER offers organofunctional silanes, innovative hybrid polymers for bonding and sealing, and a range of finished products for the construction industry.


GENIOSIL® XM offer a wide range of adhesion and sealing options, even without the use of plasticizer. Thus, the novel silane-modified polymers address application areas where, to date, compromises had to be made.


Epoxide or polyurethane-based adhesives are the typical systems for high-strength bonds. Based on alpha-technology, the new GENIOSIL® XB hybrid polymers exploit, for the first time, the advantages of silane crosslinking for user- and eco-friendly structural adhesive bonds.


The future belongs to adhesives and sealants that offer both strength and elasticity – a combination needed for a broad range of challenging applications. To meet the specific needs of this product class, WACKER has developed innovative hybrid polymers: GENIOSIL® STP-E.


Waterproofing is a wide-ranging topic for the construction sector. On the product front, seals processed in liquid form are becoming increasingly important. Our innovative GENIOSIL® WP binders are playing a pioneering role here.


GENIOSIL® organofunctional silanes from WACKER not only include standard silanes, but also numerous specialty grades that open up completely new application fields.


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