APV Engineered Coatings introduces a new technology in its line of customized VYNGUARD® performance coatings and finishes for OEMs. New VYNGUARD® Polycarbonate Anti-Microbial Topcoat is specifically formulated to resist film deterioration caused by gram-negative and positive bacteria on coated flexible vinyl and PVC surfaces.

The new formula is ideal for extending the aesthetics and service life of vinyl products by protecting the fabric or substrate from developing mildew, mold and bacteria, which can cause deterioration of the paint film. VYNGUARD® Polycarbonate Anti-Microbial Topcoat is ideally used for high-end wall coverings, mass transit seating, marine upholstery, and flexible decking, in applications ranging from communal settings such as hospitality and healthcare, to marine and mass transit applications.

“We engineered the new formulation to meet the needs of a manufacturer of outdoor PVC decking material,” explained Erin Brown, director of marketing and business development, APV Engineered Coatings. “The manufacturer wanted the durability, stain performance and weldability of the thermoplastic polymer in our VYNGUARD® Polycarbonate formula, but they also wanted anti-microbial features to help resist against pink staining in wet and humid environments. Now, we’re extending this formula into indoor applications where moisture, dirt, staining and bacterial contamination are common issues.”

The new formula passes ASTM E1428 Standard Test Method* for Evaluating Performance of Antimicrobials in or on Polymeric Solids Against Staining by Streptomyce species (a pink stain organism), helping OEMs predict the performance of coated articles under actual field conditions.

“Pink staining is a typical problem with flexible vinyl materials,” added Ryan Scott, product development manager, APV Engineered Coatings. “Over time, chemical additives in the vinyl, such as plasticizers, migrate to the surface of the substrate, providing a food source for bacteria. This results in pink staining as a byproduct, which fouls and discolors the surface.”

As with the original VYNGUARD® Polycarbonate formula, the new anti-microbial coating is water-based and low in VOC. It provides a clear, protective layer that blocks plasticizer from migrating through the surface. Its unique polymer composition, high cross-link density and UV inhibitors help it exceed industry standards for resisting UV degradation, shedding dirt and protecting against stains. It is also highly resistant to abrasions and marring, while remaining flexible and pliable. Vinyl materials coated with VYNGUARD® Polycarbonate Anti-Microbial Coating have a soft feel and matte finish and can be cleaned easily with gentle household cleaners; no harsh chemicals are required. Because the polymer composition is not sensitive to heat, it can also be used for materials that are embossed.

For increased chemical and abrasion performance, VYNGUARD® Polycarbonate Anti-Microbial is also available in a solvent-based, two-component option. All formulations can be applied by gravure, flow-coating or spray equipment.

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