DISPERBYK-2080 and DISPERBYK-2081 win “Ringier Technology Innovation Award”

The Ringier jury, comprising experts from the Chinese coatings industry, distinguished BYK this year with the “Ringier Technology Innovation Award” in the “Coatings Industry” category for its additives DISPERBYK-2080 and DISPERBYK-2081.
The prize was handed over in person in Shanghai to Yuchao Jiao representing BYK.

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These two innovative new BYK developments implement two requirements which were hitherto very difficult to combine in the application of aqueous anti-corrosive and furniture coatings.
Firstly, the new wetting and dispersing additives display excellent stabilization of pigments and fillers.
Secondly, they have no negative influence on the anti-corrosive properties of aqueous single-layer coatings and/or the stain resistance of aqueous furniture coatings.

Thanks to their special chemical structure, DISPERBYK-2080 and DISPERBYK-2081 cause significantly less hydrophilicity than conventional wetting and dispersing additives do in the cured coating systems. This leads to longer-lasting corrosion prevention, and red wine, coffee or tea are also no longer able to leave any unpleasant stains.

A range of further qualities also speak very favorably for the two new developments:

  • Broad compatibility with aqueous binder systems
  • Good viscosity reduction and excellent coloristic results
  • Improved early water resistance and direct-to-metal adhesion

Taken together, these properties make both of these wetting and dispersing additives ideal for use in single-layer coatings that are applied directly to the wood or metal substrate.


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