CALOSTAT® wins German Innovation Award 2018

CALOSTAT® wins German Innovation Award 2018

  • CALOSTAT® thermal insulation combines superinsulation, sustainability, and fire protection
  • CALOSTAT® offers builders and planners a range of advantages in both new construction and renovation
  • The German Design Council nominates CALOSTAT® as a winner

Evonik’s CALOSTAT® high-performance insulation material is a winner of the German Design Council’s German Innovation Award 2018 in the Building & Elements category. A purely mineral material, CALOSTAT® consists mainly of silicon dioxide and possesses, in addition to extremely low thermal conductivity (λ = 0.019 W/mK), a wide range of outstanding properties.

CALOSTAT®: The unique insulation material with excellent properties

The expert jury singled out for special mention the product’s focus on user and applicator friendliness. The sustainable insulation panel presents no health hazards; it is easy to process and fully recyclable. The jury was also impressed by the wide variety of options that CALOSTAT® offers architects, technical planners, and designers thanks to its special product properties: The lightweight superinsulator is up to 50 percent thinner than conventional insulation materials. The product from Evonik thus proves that extraordinarily high insulating performance can go hand in hand with attractive esthetics in construction. With its permeable, core-hydrophobized character, CALOSTAT® also provides a particularly agreeable indoor atmosphere.

Fire protection of the highest level

And this extraordinary material offers yet another special plus: CALOSTAT® is categorized as a Class A (non-combustible) building material. It can therefore be viewed as an insulating fire-protection panel or as non-combustible high-performance insulation, a combination of properties that have long been regarded as incompatible in superinsulation materials. So CALOSTAT® is a top-class material in more than one respect.

“We’re particularly proud of this award,” said Dr. Bettina Gerharz-Kalte, head of Evonik’s Thermal Insulation Growth Field, at the presentation ceremony. “It shows we’ve succeeded in developing a product with huge added value for the market. CALOSTAT® is an all-in-one solution and as such a genuine innovation. And our current projects, both in new construction and energy-saving renovation, show that CALOSTAT® offers a clear advantage.”

Top-class competition

The Design Council, established by the German Bundestag, has been offering awards for design, branding, and innovation achievements of international standing since 1953. The German Innovation Award honors products and solutions in any branch of industry that stand out from other current solutions in terms of user-centricity and clear added value. In a complex nomination process, only those entries go through that demonstrably differentiate themselves on the market.

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