Wood is a very versatile substrate which shows different and even seasonally changing properties. Painters have to deal for example with inhomogeneous structures, water uptake as well as shrinkage. In addition, they have to give attention to “bleeding” of wood ingredients which could appear as discoloration of the coating and is caused by water soluble tannins which are transported to the surface together with the evaporating water

Bleeding can be avoided by using fixating metal salts, but this method often does not show the desired effect or leads to side effects. Another efficient possibility is the use of cationic acrylic binders which show outstanding insulating properties in wood primers or decorative coatings as well as other stain-blocking properties e.g. against nicotine. Within the range of cationic binders Worlée offers two types: a cationic acrylic solution, WorléeCryl 7712 W, and a cationic acrylic dispersion, WorléeCryl 7745.

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