Grace Continental Korea launches nanotube concentrates for composites and coatings

Last year Grace Continental Korea successfully kicked off the production of TUBALL MATRIX single wall carbon nanotube-based concentrates specifically for application in silicones. The positive customer feedback has encouraged the company to now expand its line of nanotube-based concentrates and launch the production of TUBALL MATRIX concentrates for composites, coatings and resins.


This unique technology was developed by OCSiAl, a leading player in the carbon nanotechnology space, to simplify the handling of single wall carbon nanotubes. In contrast to most standard additives, even ultra-low loadings of TUBALL-based concentrates, starting from just 0.1%, are enough to achieve the required level of conductivity, enhance mechanical properties and maintain vivid colours. Moreover, the application of TUBALL MATRIX does not require any additional equipment or formulation changes, and it enables a standard and clean manufacturing process.

“In the Asia Pacific region we are seeing a rapidly growing number of manufacturers switching from standard anti-static additives to single wall carbon nanotubes. Grace Continenal is already a pioneer in the commercialisation of innovative nanotube solutions for silicones on the Korean market. And now the market demand has driven the company to expand its product line for composites and coatings too, so these industries can also benefit from this nanotechnology,” said Viktor Kim, CEO OCSiAl Asia Pacific.

Grace Continental also develops its own unique product line containing TUBALL nanotubes for many other high-perfomance materials and end products. For instance, the company’s anti-static and highly transparent PSA films fully meet the requirements of electronics manufacturers and are opening the door for them to achieve further cost reductions. Grace Continental’s conductive and coloured HCR and LSR silicones are also attracting great interest from producers of consumer goods, automotive parts and smart electronics.


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