Effective July 1, 2018, or as existing contracts permit, allnex will implement a price increase on our Liquid Resins and Additives products due to raw material supply/demand imbalances, raw material cost increases and increased freight costs.

allnex will implement an increase of up to $0.07/lb. on the allnex Liquid Resins and Additives (LRA) portfolio, including but not limited to the following product groups:

Product Group Product Names Increase (USD/lb.)
Solventborne Acrylics Setalux 0.07
G-Cure 0.07
Macrynal 0.07
Solventborne Polyesters Setal 0.05
Duroftal 0.05
Waterborne Acrylics Ucecryl 0.04
Viacryl 0.04
Setaqua 0.04
Sag Control Agents (SCA) Setal 0.07
Setalux 0.07
Additives and PC Defoamers Modaflow 0.07
PC- 0.07

Due to escalating costs associated with securing truck carrier capacity, allnex will increase Freight Adders for shipments in the U.S. and Canada. The freight adder for allnex-arranged truck orders will increase up to $0.02/lb. Freight collect shipments will be exempt from the freight adder increase.

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