Superior Graphite has developed a new product line specifically for the Polymer market. In plastics, graphite is used as an additive mainly for improving tribological and conductive characteristics. FormulaPT™ product line includes synthetic and natural graphite powders in non-purified and thermally purified forms, calcined petroleum coke, and our unique Resilient Graphitic Carbons (RGC™). FormulaPT™ products are used in a variety of applications including engineered and high performance thermoplastics, thermoset resins, PTFE, food contact, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers.
Some FormulaPT™ products are developed using Superior Graphite’s exclusive Electro-Thermal Treatment/Purification Technology that removes organic and inorganic impurities such as quartz, silica, and iron, which could act as abrasives. Thermally purified graphite and graphitic carbons are inert, which offers chemical stability while also significantly increasing thermal and electrical conductivity of polymers. In addition to increasing lubrication by lowering the coefficient of friction (CoF), the company’s proprietary ‘Resilient Carbon’ fillers also reduce wear.

Food Contact
FormulaPT™ thermally purified products are designed to meet EU-food contact regulation No. 10/2011. Not all purities of a substance are suitable for food contact, even if no specifications are listed in the Union list of EU Food Contact Regulation. Superior Graphite’s FormulaPT™ products ensure the carbonaceous material is of suitable quality.
Polymers are finding more and more applications in food handling and processing equipment for industries and households. Polymers can potentially replace metal, lower material cost, and provide corrosion resistance. Modified polymers using graphitic materials are suitable for demanding applications that require the materials to be conductive or lubricious. Graphitic modified polymers are an excellent solution for self-lubricating parts in environments that cannot accommodate liquid

Tribological Performance
As part of the FormulaPT™ product line, Resilient Graphitic Carbons (RGC™) are unique graphitic materials that exhibit extremely high resiliency, lubricity, and purity. They are very effective in friction modification in advanced technology applications like plain bearings, torque limiters, water meters, and pumps.

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