This work contributes to the development and characterization of the corrosion resistance and antifriction properties of high performance polyurethane (PU)/graphene (Gr) composite coating. In this study, PU composite coatings containing 0, 2, 4 and 8 wt.% of Gr were prepared and evaluated using various corrosion and mechanical tests, namely electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, salt spray tests, cross-cut tape tests and dynamic mechanical analysis. Antifriction properties of the coatings were evaluated using a tribometer with a ball-on-disc mode at room temperature. The corrosion resistance and adhesion property of the PU coatings were found to be enhanced by adding 4 and 8 wt.% of Gr. The coefficient of friction revealed that the antifriction properties of the PU/Gr composite coatings were 61% lower than those of the conventional coating when the Gr content was increased to 8 wt.%

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Journal reference: Coatings 2018

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