The 3D Printing Center of Excellence includes state of the art wet chemistry labs, formulation development and testing facility with wide range of analytical equipment, and application center housing multiple 3D Printers covering various photo-curable based printing technologies such as SLA, DLP and MJP printers.  The new Center of Excellence shows “Arkema’s commitment  to enable 3D Printing to Mass Manufacturing through Innovative Material Technologies; a vision achieved through Partnering with Global Leaders to Bring Custom Material Solutions for End Use Applications,” said Sumeet Jain, Global Director – 3D Printing at Sartomer.

A Space for 3D Innovation

This new facility provides a collaborative space for chemists and application engineers to solve unmet material challenges plaguing the 3D Printing industry.  In addition, equipment manufacturers and end-users can house equipment/personnel to partner with Sartomer scientists to develop custom resins for their application needs.

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