• The isoindoline plant expansion will support ambitions for growth in the Industrial Coatings and Pigments for Plastics segments

LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany – July 31, 2018. BASF will extend its production capacities for isoindoline yellow pigments by around 70% by 2020, as the demand for high-performance pigments grows. Bright yellow tones that offer a high degree of weather resistance and temperature stability are sought after, particularly in demanding applications involving industrial coatings.

“Following our recently announced expansion to production capacities for Paliocrom® effect pigments, this investment of around €10 million underscores our ambitions for growth as one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance pigments,” said Dr. Alexander Haunschild, Managing Director and Senior Vice President for BASF’s global pigments brand.

Customers use isoindoline pigments, marketed under the Colors & Effects® brand, to meet their steadily growing need for coatings for the automotive sector and to color plastics.

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