The two additives for powder coating applications are called WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P and WorléeAdd VP 9200 P. WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P is an oil-modified powder coating additive which improves the dispersion of powder coating premixes in the extruder. By adding 1 to 2 percent of WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P, the torque during extrusion can be reduced by approx. 10 to 20 percent as well as energy can be saved. The dispersing additive can often be used to avoid costly double extrusions, which occur, for example, when older extruders are used. WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P is particularly suitable for formulations with increased demands on the dispersion process. An example of this are powder coating systems with a high proportion of organic pigments. In polyester/primide powder coatings, WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P improves the flow and reduces the formation of pinholes. Furthermore, it reduces the melt viscosity of powder coatings, which improves the wetting behavior on critical substrates. WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P should always be used in combination with levelling agents, e.g. Resiflow PV 88.

The silicone-free textured additive WorléeAdd VP 9200 P can be used to produce powder coatings with a pronounced textured, hammer-finish and antique effect. It is recommended for epoxy, hybrid, polyester and other powder coating systems. The applied and baked powder coatings show excellent adhesion and good technological values. The usual additional quantity of WorléeAdd VP 9200 P is 0.5 to 1.5 percent based on the total formulation. It must be ensured that WorléeAdd VP 9200 P is not used in combination with levelling agents, as otherwise structural formation is prevented. The additive is premixed together with the other powder coating components in the dry mixer and then dispersed in the extruder.

Further information can be found in the technical data sheet:

WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P

WorléeAdd VP 9200 P

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