Panacol introduces a newly developed acrylate adhesive for bonding displays. Vitralit® UD 8540 is very soft after curing, providing the ability to intercept thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates.

Vitralit® UD 8540 is a one-component, UV-curing acrylic adhesive. It features a dual curing component which reacts to atmospheric moisture. Thus shadow zones within the display frame can also be cured reliably.

Vitralit® UD 8540 exhibits excellent adhesion to glass and PMMA, which makes it the perfect solution to bond glass/glass or glass/PMMA displays. For bonding glass/PC a specially formulated version of this adhesive is available. Both adhesive variations are free of solvents and silicones.

Large-surface bonding or lamination of displays can be optimized by using Hoenle’s high-performance and energy efficient LED Spot 100 curing system. The LED Spot 100 is perfectly matched to the photoinitiators of Vitralit® UD 8540.The alignment of its LEDs ensures high intensity and homogenous light distribution, which is of utmost importance for display bonding. The LED Spot 100 heads can be mounted together without gaps to match the size of the display being bonded.

After curing Vitralit® UD 8540 is very soft with a hardness in the Shore 00 range. Thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates can be neutralized without causing delamination. The cured adhesive is transparent and non-yellowing.

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