The automotive painting technique is highly advantageous for coloring solar modules, because it enables the modules to be visually attractive over a large area, numerous colors can be applied, and they are highly durable. Herein, we present a high-performance solar module colored using an automotive painting technique. We coated a dilute automotive pigment, the high-transmittance mica pigment, with a clear coat material on a crystalline Si solar module to generate blue color. Our measurements show that a pigment weight concentration of around 10% with the mica pigment is suitable for painting the solar modules, because it enables visual attractiveness while retaining over 80% of the output power, compared to the original solar module. We believe that the technique proposed herein can considerably increase the installable area of solar modules on a car body.

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Journal reference:  Coatings 2018, 8(8), 282;

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