Corrosion resistance of graphene sheets with different structures in waterborne epoxy coatings

Although it was reported earlier that graphene can be used for corrosion protection, the effects of different structures were not investigated. Researchers from China investigated the effects of graphene sheets with four structures in waterborne epoxy coatings, named EP-Ga, EP-Gb, EP-GO and EP-GS. Potential, impedance testing and Tafel curves were used for characterization of the corrosion behaviours of coatings. It was found that EP-Ga composite coating could possess a promising long-term corrosion protection capability. it was revealed that the corrosion protection mechanism of graphene-based composite coatings was verified as the barrier effect of impermeable graphene sheets that confirmed by the analysis of corrosion products.

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Materials provided by Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

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