After nearly two years of public lobbying, Delaware became the first state in the nation to pass a law banning the use of lead-based paint outdoors. The bill passed into law bans the application of lead-based paints on outdoor structures in order to protect public health.

The bill, titled HB-546, received broad support from a coalition of public officials and interest grounds and was unanimously passed by the State House of Representatives and the Senate. The Review reports that the campaign spearheads hope this is the first step in more broad action against lead paint.

“We want to be aware of what has happened here [in Delaware], because a federal ban on lead paint would protect all states,” Newark resident and campaign spearhead Amy W. Roe. “But first, we need other states to do this themselves because the federal government takes a while to get things done.”

Newark residents Sarah Bucic and Amy Roe’s campaign gained traction at the state level when they received the support of Andrew C. Slater, Delaware’s Public Advocate, in the spring. The role of the Public Advocate is to appear before courts, administrative and regulatory agencies on behalf of consumer interest regarding rates and practices of public utilities.

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