Biocide-free paints are often called “breathable paints” thanks to their favorable vapor permeability and ability to create a healthy indoor climate. In addition, they are less allergenic as they do not contain preservatives such as isothiazolinones.

The main disadvantage of biocide-free paints is that they are difficult to formulate and apply using standard roller or brush methods due to their rheological behavior; the viscosity of the paint decreases as stress is applied, meaning the paint is thixotropic.

With the Dispersogen SP Plus you can overcome these challenges: the additive works both as a stabilizer and dispersant in your biocide-free paint formulations, and achieves application properties comparable to those of high PVC dispersion paints.

The additive’s performance benefits:

  • lowers the yield point of the paint formulation and thereby contributes to a more fluid paint appearance
  • achieves good leveling and surface performance
  • improves the paint’s thixotropic profile. Thus, less efforts are required to homogenize the paint formulation.
  • extends paints shelf life due to low impact on viscosity and pH during storage
  • reduces formulation complexity due to its multifunctional profile (stabilizer & dispersant)
  • increases formulation options as the paints rheology profile can be further adjusted post-production by using additional rheology additives


The additive’s sustainability benefits:

  • VOC-free (ISO 11890-2)
  • SVOC-free (ISO 16000-9)
  • Hazard label free
  • Free of alkylphenol ethoxylates
  • Suitable for ecolabels such as European Ecoflower, German Blue Angel or Scandinavian Nordic Swan.


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