Chemline, Inc. (, offers Chemline 2265 ARO, an abrasion-resistant overcoat that provides additional protection to its standard 2265 direct-to-metal polyurethane coating.

Using proprietary polymer technology, the product provides a nearly impenetrable membrane that serves as a sacrificial second layer designed to defend the primary pipeline coating from impact and rock damage during push/pull operations in horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) installations such as road and river crossings that require additional ARO to keep the anti-corrosion coating intact. Chemline 2265 ARO also maintains flexibility, allowing its use on bends, fittings, and fabrication when severe handling or rough terrain persist.

Chemline 2265 ARO is formulated without abrasive fillers that can rapidly erode the spray gun module and clog the proportioning unit filters. ARO has a highly-compatible bond to Chemline 2265, and is applied immediately following that product to form an ultra-durable and resistant outer shell, usually at a final thickness of >60 mils.

Highlights of Chemline 2265 ARO:

  • Formulated without plasticizers, tar, or other hydrocarbon extenders.
  • Formulated to minimize the overspray fog in the application area.
  • Has noticeably less odor than conventional coatings as a result of its low tendency to fog and the absence of tar extenders and aromatic solvents.

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Founded in 1997, Chemline is an industry leader in fast-set polyurethane and polyurea coatings. The company’s 100% solids, spray-applied products are used by OEMs and applicators around the world as protective coatings for metal, wood, concrete, foam and other materials. Chemline operates a 250,000 sq. ft. plant at its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, with an additional manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California.

Chemline is also a GRACO HPCF Top 20 Advanced Distributor and provides training on the use of the liquid materials, proportioning equipment, and spray guns. The company’s expert technicians also offer on-site training and application assistance at no additional cost.

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