Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Carbomastic 615 MC. Carbomastic 615 MC is an outstanding surface tolerant epoxy mastic with low VOC’s.

Carbomastic 615 MC

“This product cures fast, at low temperatures, with ultra-low VOC and ultra-low HAPs emissions. It’s ideal for industrial maintenance and new construction for customers where VOC limits are below 100 g/l,” said Darrin Andrews, Executive VP Sales USA.

Carbomastic 615 MC has outstanding tolerance for marginal surface preparation and provides superb corrosion protection. It cures fast and at low temperatures (20°F/-7°C), and is ready for immersion service in water in one hour. It is strengthened with micaceous iron oxide, MIO, flake reinforcement to further enhance its durability and barrier protection.

“Carbomastic 615 MC provides all the same features and benefits as our renowned Carbomastic 615 AL with the added benefits of ultra-low VOC, 96 g/l, and ultra-low HAPs, 0.02 lbs/solid gallon,” stated Mary Roley, Technical Director, Innovation.

This aluminum-pigmented epoxy also contains inert flake reinforcement, micaceous iron oxide, to enhance both film strength and overall performance.

The above physical characteristics of Carbomastic 615 MC make it ideal for many different industrial markets with strict VOC and HAPs regulations.

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