Chinacoat 2018: Coatex showcases its new waterborne additives

Coatex, a world leader specialized in rheology, reveals its solutions for low VOC waterborne formulations. With other BUs of the Arkema Group, Coatex will highlight its thickeners and dispersing additives at the upcoming Chinacoat 2018 in Guangzhou, December 4th-6th 2018, Arkema hall 2.1 booth #E37-42

The design of new rheology additives is driven by the growing trends of the downstream industries, automotive & industrial, furniture & flooring or architectural coatings.

Coatex offers a full range of waterborne rheology modifiers for formulating a wide variety of these high-performance coatings.

The team will be presenting its new solutions during Chinacoat, including:

  • New wetting dispersant
    Coadis™ 790, new non-ionic polymeric dispersant for industrial coatings, inks and pigment pastes.

Coatex presents its benefits during a technical presentation:
“Coatex New Green Wetting Dispersant to Water-Based Industrial Coatings” by Ms Michelle Shen
December 5th, 2018 11:30– 12:20 PM 
Session #3-09 Room 3

  • New PU thickenersCoapur™ 2501, newtonian for improved leveling and high gloss systems,
    Coapur™ 520 W, balanced for low spattering decorative paints, enamels, inks and adhesives
    Coapur™ XS 83, pseudoplastic to improve sag resistance and pigment compatibility in industrial coatings


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