Self-Healing Coatings Based on Linseed-Oil-Loaded Microcapsules for Protection of Cementitious Materials


Linseed oil undergoes an oxidative drying reaction upon exposure to air, resulting in a soft film. The reaction conversion after 48 h reached 88% and 59% when it reacted at room temperature and −20 °C, respectively. Linseed-oil-loaded microcapsules were prepared using a urea-formaldehyde polymer as the shell wall material. The microcapsules were integrated into a commercially available protective coating formulation to prepare self-healing coating formulations with different capsule loadings. The coating formulations were applied on mortar specimens to prepare self-healing coatings. The effect of capsule loading on adhesion strength of the self-healing coating was studied. The self-healing function of the coating was investigated by SEM, a water sorptivity test and an accelerated carbonation test. Successful self-healing was demonstrated for both scratch and crack damage in the coatings. Low-temperature self-healing was demonstrated with a saline solution sorptivity test conducted at −20 °C. The linseed-oil-based microcapsule-type self-healing coating system is a promising candidate as a protective coating for cementitious materials.

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Journal reference: Coatings 2018, 8(11), 404;

Provided by: © 1996-2018 MDPI (Basel, Switzerland)

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