Axalta Opens Regional Office and Refinish Training Center in Chengdu, China

Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, today opened a new regional office and expanded its Refinish Training Center in Chengdu, which is the Capital of Sichuan province. As a strategic investment in Axalta’s growth, the new facilities provide customers in West China with greater access to advanced coating technologies and value-added services.

West China has been a crucial part of China’s national economy. In 2017, the proportion of GDP in West China increased 20%1, with one of the region’s major industries being automobile and transportation. Among the top 10 cities that have large car ownership in China, three are from West China, including Chengdu (ranking 2nd), Chongqing and Xi’an 2.

 “The coatings industry, especially waterborne coatings, in China is growing, outpacing many other countries. The new West China facility will enable Axalta to more effectively serve light vehicle and commercial vehicle OEMs, refinish customers, as well as industrial customers with high quality paints, sustainable applications, and customized value services,” said Joe McDougall, Executive Vice President and President Global Refinish and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) of Axalta, “With our advanced eco-responsible coatings technology and value-added training programs, Axalta continues to be a leader in the Refinish marketplace in China and around the world.”

Axalta has doubled the size of its Refinish Training Center in Chengdu to 1,300 square meters to support customers with services including consultancy and training programs, as well as technologies that enable them to deploy more sustainable refinish coating systems. Axalta expects to offer about 100 training sessions for more than 1,000 refinishing technicians at this training center in 2019.

In the past 30 years, Axalta has been serving a number of customers in West China spanning from different business units across the automotive value chain with its transportation coatings, refinish coatings, auto plastic coatings and general industrial coatings. The customers include key international and local OEMs, as well as major car dealers in the region. General industrials are also important sectors that will benefit from Axalta’s investment in expanding its business in west China.

 “Building a new regional office and expanding our Refinish Training Center is part of Axalta’s commitment to the West China market and an important component of our growth strategy in China,” said Willie Wu, President of Greater China, “More customers in West China can now enjoy the benefits of advanced coating technologies with upgraded services.  With China’s government accelerating environmental requirements, Axalta is well positioned to lead while continuing to deliver for our customers.”

Jie Liu, Vice President of China National Coating Industrial Association (CNCIA) said, “China is going through a constant process of industrial transformation. The coatings industry in West China is following the first-tier cities to develop a sustainable approach while continuing its rapid growth. As a leader in coatings industry, we appreciate Axalta’s investment and its effort to promote the sustainable development of coating industry in China.”

 As a global leader in coating market, Axalta has been working with auto OEM and independent automotive refinish bodyshops to upgrade the industrial service standard and to promote the sustainable growth of the industry. Being one of the first international companies that bring waterborne technologies to China, Axalta’s three well-known waterborne refinish coating brands – Spies Hecker®, Cromax®Pro and Syrox® – feature low VOC content and extraordinary product properties. These products meet the environment-related requirements stipulated by the government, and are aimed at helping customers perform their work effectively and efficiently.

Axalta established its presence in China more than 30 years ago and its footprint in China include a plant in Jiading, which has a waterborne coatings production facility, a plant in Changchun, Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai which also houses one of Axalta’s four refinish training centers in China.

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