Covestro showcases innovation at ChinaCoat 2018

On December 4, at the opening of ChinaCoat 2018 in Guangzhou, materials manufacturer Covestro will illustrate its numerous sustainability-inspired, eco-friendly innovative coating and adhesive solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive, construction, energy, furniture, sports and leisure, reflecting Covestro’s relentless efforts in promoting the development of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) solutions like waterborne technology in China over the past decade.

“Sustainability is not only a mega trend for our era, but also a key driver for Covestro to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation,” said Zhong Xiaobin, Senior Vice President of Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties (CAS) Business Unit at Covestro Asia Pacific. “In addition to improving the usability of adhesive technologies and low VOC coating technologies including waterborne technology through innovation, we are committed to working closely with partners across the industry value chain to promote sustainable development.”

Locally developed new products in pursuit of technology upgrades

Established in 2001, Covestro’s Polymer Research and Development Center (PRDC) in Shanghai, along with its innovation hubs in Leverkusen, Germany and Pittsburgh, the U.S., forms a worldwide R&D network that shares the latest research results. In recent years, Covestro has been actively innovating to explore the potentials of polyurethane technology to meet market demands in China and to push the boundaries of application industries.

For the construction industry, Covestro has launched its Pasquick(TM)floor coating technology. On the premise of ensuring environmentally friendly (VOC<60g/L), high performance and high productivity of floors, it provides easy-to-apply and excellent robustness to different environmental conditions, which enables its notable advantages in applications to sports floorings, parking lots and art floorings for commercial buildings especially.

In cooperation with Changhe Group, a leading company in China’s sports flooring industry, Covestro has successfully applied the new technology in the teaching building of Broad Education in Jiangmen, Guangdong. The new solution enhanced the floor’s resistance to stains and scratches as well as the aesthetics on surface. The product is environmentally friendly and easy to apply during construction, helping to protect the health of construction personnel while ensuring construction quality and fast return to service.

For the furniture industry, the locally developed easy mixing hydrophilic polyisocyanate, Bayhydur® ultra 307, gives high compatibility and chemical resistance, excellent gloss and film transparency, which enhances easy handling and film performance. The new hardener can be easily mixed with resin even without dilution and can lower VOC content significantly.

For the automobile industry, Covestro has unveiled several environmentally friendly coating solutions.

  • Bayhydrol® UH2888 is a locally developed waterborne aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. It can be used for air-drying or forced drying waterborne base coat and has faster water evaporation than traditional waterborne polyurethane dispersions. It can improve production efficiency and ensure short delivery time by reducing pre-baking time. It also provides excellent low temperature film formation, stable formulation and pigment compatibility, excellent water resistance and interlayer adhesion.
  • Bayhytherm® 3246/1, a new waterborne self-crosslinking urethane for automotive OEM primer surfacer, delivers excellent surface leveling, anti-sagging properties and stone chip resistance. The formulation using this product is easier to be adopted in newly established waterborne production lines with good coating appearance.
  • Covestro has also developed the first locally produced ultra-low monomer hardener with low viscosity, Desmodur® ultra N 3690. By using the new product, the coating manufacturer can improve industrial hygiene for their customers. The product has been validated at laboratory and is undergoing the joint validation process by coating suppliers in China to ensure its performance in different aspects, such as appearance, performance, and application.

The two products, Desmodur® ultra N 3690 and Bayhydur® ultra 307 belong to Covestro’s new Ultra product lines and can meet higher industrial hygiene and safety standard with less than 0.1% of residual monomeric content.

Upholding sustainability with trailblazing solutions

For the renewable energy industry, in response to global challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and increasing population, Covestro and its partners joined hands to progress on integrated solutions for thewind energy industry, with a focus on both innovation and sustainability.

“We are deepening cooperation with our partners to identify new growth opportunities. Our concrete achievement in the wind energy area is one of the best examples,” Zhong added.

In order to improve market competitiveness of wind energy and lower its impact on the environment, Covestro are collaborating with downstream companies across the industry chain, aiming to promote the “green wind energy supply chain” and take the lead of coating technology innovation. With the support from Covestro and coatings maker PPG, China’s Sinoma Wind Power Blade and wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind have adopted the new low-VOC waterborne coatings and cutting-edge protective coatings with high durability to make wind blades more environmentally friendly and durable.

Promoting rapid development of waterborne technologies

With over a decade of solid experience and leading innovation capability in waterborne technologies, Covestro has been accelerating the application of waterborne technologies in various industries in China. With its advantages of low VOC, low odor and high performance, waterborne polyurethane coating technology will continue to unleash market potentials in China, delivering both economic and environmental benefits. And Covestro will continue to innovate in pace with the market.

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