allnex launches the newest development in the range of pigment dispersants – ADDITOL® XL 6577

ADDITOL XL 6577 is a newly developed, highly efficient pigment dispersant designed for use with inorganic pigments in solvent borne coating and ink formulations.  The product is highly recommended for factory applied applications including Automotive, Industrial, M&PC or Architectural applications and can be used to produce very stable pigment slurries or for direct grinding formulations.  High performance is realized through the advanced molecular structure which is very reactive and consequently ADDITOL XL 6577 bonds rapidly to all organic surfaces and allows improved anti-agglomeration and sedimentation. Moreover it allows formulators the freedom to maintain the same pigment loading levels while achieving lower viscosities or higher pigment loading at the same viscosity.

The ADDITOL XL 6577 offers following benefits:

  • Stable, low VOC formulas with enhanced opacity
  • Increased pigment loading
  • Highly efficient dispersant especially with TiO2 pigments
  • Prevents agglomeration and setting
  • Very high gloss coatings with consistent colour performance
  • Enhanced corrosion performance

Tim Kittler, Marketing Manager Additives: “After many months of careful experimentation, testing and multiple benchmarking studies, allnex is proud to launch ADDITOL XL 6577 as it definitely meets the demand of the various markets, delivers high standard performance and in addition it enables lower VOC which clearly support our focus on sustainability”.

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