PPG Comex celebrates 65 years of transforming coatings industry

PPG Comex today announced that it is celebrating the 65th anniversary of its founding and subsequent transformation into a leading paint and coatings manufacturer in Mexico and Central America.

PPG Comex was founded in 1953 as Comercial Mexicana de Pinturas S.A. de C.V. PPG acquired the company, then known as Consorcio Comex, S.A. de C.V., in 2014.

Today, PPG Comex manufactures architectural, industrial and other paints and coatings products. The company operates more than 4,500 stores in Mexico and Central America through that are independently owned and operated by nearly 650 concessionaires. It also sells its products through regional retailers and wholesalers and directly to customers.

PPG Comex employs 4,500 people and creates approximately 18,000 indirect jobs in Mexico. It has five manufacturing facilities, nine distribution centers, four training centers and four innovation and research centers.

Each day, the company produces an average of 1.3 million liters (343,000 gallons) of paint and up to 1.5 million liters (396,000 gallons) during high demand. It invests 3.2 percent of its gross annual sales in science and technology to create innovative coatings solutions that apply easier, dry quicker and provide sustainability benefits to customers.

“PPG Comex has developed an industrial structure that allows us to vertically integrate the three key aspects of our production – packaging, pigments and polymers,” said Henrik Bergström, president, PPG Comex, and PPG vice president, architectural coatings, Latin America. “We also have moved closer to the consumer through our expansive retail network, with our products being used in an estimated 40 million projects annually.”

The company’s social impact program, known as Comex for a Well Done Mexico, beautifies and protects the communities where it operates. More than 1 million people throughout Mexico have benefitted from the program.

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