Stahl continues sustainability seminars to contribute to transparency in leather supply chain in India

Stahl resumed its commitment to putting transparency into action with sustainability seminars in India. Michael Costello, Director Sustainability at Stahl, led the leather seminars in Chennai, Kanpur, Kolkata and Ranipet. With these seminars Stahl aims to familiarize local professionals with its sustainability philosophy for the industry and related sustainable solutions. The seminars attracted an average of 350 people per seminar. 

The seminars included informative presentations from UNIDO, the Leather Working Group, Solidaridad, CLRI and Stahl. Various important topics like safety & occupational health and the improvement of the environmental footprint of tannery operations in India have been addressed. Solidaridad updated the attendants on the progress with the Ganges Public Private Partnership project launched with Stahl, PUM and CLRI in 2017. The new elements of the LWG audit protocol were then introduced, with an emphasis on housekeeping and the chemicals management module (CMM), which is currently being implemented at tanneries.

Stahl presented the latest news on chemicals management, including information on how the ZDHC Gateway portal will work, and peeked into the future with a look at the recently agreed rules around Life Cycle Assessment calculations for leather manufacturing. The final discussion centered around the interesting views on fashion leather and sustainability as expressed by a group of Global Luxury Management students who received training at Stahl Campus® in March 2018.

“We are pleased but not surprised at the high attendance of our seminars this year”, said Mr. Tuncay Deriner, Managing director of Stahl India. “It indicates the importance of these topics for the local tanning sector. The issues that were discussed around safety, housekeeping and water effluent are critical for the sustainability of our industry. Stahl is committed to taking action on them and to working closely with its customers and other stakeholders, to enhance the image and sustainability of leather.”

Michael Costello, Stahl’s Director of Sustainability added: “We always receive such positive reactions from the attendants of these seminars that we are committed to continuing them into the future. Our focus is on promoting good practices and transparency in the industry, which in turn leads to a higher level of environmental stewardship. These seminars provide an excellent vehicle for achieving this goal in India and other countries where we are active.”

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