Angus Chemical Company announces a new distribution arrangement with Azelis in Russia and Belarus

New arrangement expands on the companies’ existing relationship in other geographies to now include paints and coatings, life sciences and metalworking fluids markets in Russia and Belarus.

ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS” or the “Company”), a leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals, has entered into a new distribution arrangement for the company’s complete portfolio of nitroalkanes and their derivatives sold into the paints and coatings, life sciences and metalworking fluids markets.

Effective Nov. 1, 2018, Azelis became the authorized distributor of ANGUS’ full line of multifunctional additives, bioprocessing reagents, specialty chemistries and solvents in Russia and Belarus. Azelis is currently the distributor for ANGUS’ complete portfolio of paints and coatings chemistries to manufacturers in France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as the company’s pan-European distributor for the life sciences market.

“We are pleased to continue to build on the success we have previously enjoyed with Azelis to now deliver ANGUS’ industry-leading technologies and application support expertise to industrial and biotechnology manufacturers in Russia and Belarus,” said Liam Doherty, Business Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Through Azelis’ deep experience in the local market and optimized logistics network, we look forward to significant improvements in our supply and delivery capabilities for our customers in the region.”

ANGUS offers several specialty products that enable formulators and manufacturers to maximize the performance and value of their paints and coatings and metalworking fluids across a wide variety of applications. ANGUS’ unique portfolio of nitroalkane-based chemistries includes:

  • AMP-95™, which is widely regarded as the top-performing multifunctional additive for neutralization, co-dispersency, rheology stability and dry-film performance in waterborne architectural paints.
  • AEPD™ VOX 100, a multifunctional additive ideal for low-odor, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) interior water-based paints.
  • The CORRGUARD™ family of high-performance amino alcohols for use in helping improve critical performance attributes and extend fluid life in metalworking fluids.
  • DMAMP-80™, a multifunctional additive for use as an emulsifying agent, corrosion inhibitor, resin solubilizer, catalyst, and synthesis agent in a variety of applications.
  • Several proprietary nitroparaffin solvents for use in industrial, wood and electrostatic spray coatings; printing inks; strippers/finish removers and industrial solvent blends.

As the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of TRIS buffers, ANGUS also manufactures high-quality production chemicals for biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. These include multicompendial grades of TRIS AMINO™ reagents, as well as basic nitroalkane chemistries and their derivatives, which have been used safely and effectively in numerous commercial applications as synthesis building blocks, in API salt formation, and as reaction solvents.

“We are excited that our strategic partnership with ANGUS is growing thanks to expanding geographies. We are confident that this new mandate will help us both to gain new grounds in these fast-paced industries,” said Andrey Zhukov, General Manager, Azelis Russia.

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