Researchers from China synthesized two kinds of tung-oil-derived renewable UV-curable active monomers, tung-acid-maleic tri-acrylate (TOAH) and tung-maleic tetra-acrylate (TMPG) and investigated UV-curing kinetics of the films by Photo-DSC, thermal properties of their cured films by dynamic mechanical analysis, mechanical properties by tensile tests and general performance of UV-curing films by acidic, alkaline resistance and boiling-water resistance tests.

Dynamic mechanical analysis showed that the storage modulus and glass transition temperatures of the cured films improved while increasing the content of TMPG monomer. Moreover, the crosslinking density of the cured copolymers also developed with the increasing content of TMPG monomer. Tensile tests indicated that the tensile properties were better in the cured systems when the mixed films consisted of 50TOAH/50TMPG and 30% HDDA reactive diluent. Finally, all the results revealed that comparable balanced properties could be obtained by mixing these two bio-based monomers together.

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Journal reference: Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 129, April 2019, Pages 116-124

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