The new WorléeThix VP E 167 W is a ready-to-use solution for water-based, non-drip coatings.

Already at the last ECS Worlée presented two thixotropic alkyd emulsions which can be used for the production of water-dilutable, non-drip paint systems: WorléeThix VP E 165 W, a highly viscous gel and WorléeThix VP E 166 W, a soft gel. Due to the flowable behaviour of the new product, WorléeThix VP E 167 W, a ready-to-use version is now also available

As co-binder, the three thixotropic alkyd emulsions reduce phase separation during paint storage and improve rheology when applied on vertical surfaces. All products are shear stable and have a solid content of 40 and 27 percent respectively.

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