Worlée expands it’s additive product range with two polymer defoamers for waterborne paints and coatings

WorléeAdd VP 6510 and WorléeAdd VP 6500 are the names of the two new products in Worlée’s “Additives” division, which are suitable for aqueous and water-dilutable systems and are free of silicone and mineral oil.

Based on synthesis technology at  Lauenburg plant, both products are ideal for use in waterborne paints and coatings for painting, rolling and dipping. The main areas of application here are aqueous wall and facade paints and varnishes. Very positive is the good defoaming and deaeration when used with paint roller and brush. When applied with a coarse foam texturing roller with the new defoamers, better distribution and less foam formation are clearly visible (see Fig. 1). The easy incorporation with low shear forces also results in a reduced risk of film defects during ink or coating production. In addition, re-dosing is possible at any time.

The typical application concentration is in the range of 0.3 to 1.0 % in relation to the total formulation. WorléeAdd VP 6510 is silica-free, WorléeAdd VP 6500 additionally contains silica and is therefore particularly suitable for highly filled formulations.

Worlée has acquired extensive know-how in the development of both types and is prepared not only to expand this know-how further but also to develop further types if required. “Tailor-made variants” that are specially developed according to customer requirements would be conceivable here.

Both products will be presented as highlights at ECS 2019.

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