Sun Chemical to Showcase Latest Pigment and Polymer Technology at European Coatings Show 2019

During European Coatings Show 2019, Sun Chemical’s full spectrum of color pigments will be on display as well as its wide range of metallics, pearlescents, and polymer technology.

“The European Coatings Show is an opportunity for Sun Chemical to demonstrate the many ways in which our versatile range of tailor-made solutions can help customers deliver coatings with exciting color options and exceptional performance properties,” said Mehran Yazdani, President of Sun Chemical Performance Pigments and Advanced Materials. “We look forward to showcasing our wide range of exciting and innovative products—including pigments, resins, additives, dispersions and more—to our customers across the globe.”

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments Showcases Expanded Color Range

Visitors of Sun Chemical’s booth, located in Hall 4 Stand 4-353, will be introduced to Sun Chemical’s advancements in high performance pigment chemistries and expanded range of color options, including:

  • Perrindo® Maroon 179: One of the most yellow pigment red 179 shades on the market, Perrindo Maroon 229-8834 features the benchmark transparency that is vital to producing modern, high chromatic metallic red finishes and offers excellent light and weather fastness, is easy to disperse, and is compatible in water and solventborne systems.
  • Quindo® Red 122: Suitable for water and solventborne systems, Quindo 228-3122, Sun Chemical’s newest quinacridone pigment, enables excellent styling for highly transparent and chromatic effect shades and has excellent durability and fastness properties for automotive and high-performance coatings.
  • Indofast Violet 23: Sun Chemical’s 235-LBP2 is a versatile pigment for general purpose use across a wide range of coating technologies for industrial and architectural end uses that features high strength, easy dispersability and improved opacity compared to other offerings.
  • Palomar Blue 15: Launched in 2018 for the automotive coatings market, Sun Chemical’s Palomar 248-4848, Blue 15 is a phthalocyanine blue designed to have a highly desirable green flop color in metallic coatings. It is non-flocculating, non-crystalizing and has excellent rheological and lightfastness characteristics.
  • Sunbrite Yellow 74: Sun Chemical’s newest Azo yellow for architectural coatings, 272-4615, was developed specifically for decorative coatings producers and the needs of machine colorants. It is easier to disperse than previous grades, can be used in VOC-free colorant systems, and delivers 15 to 20 percent more tint strength than comparable products.

Sun Chemical’s Latest in Metallic and Pearlescent Pigments to be Displayed

Sun Chemical will highlight its wide selection of metallic and pearlescent pigments during the show, including its:

  • Benda-Lutz® COMPAL WS: This VOC-freehighly concentrated aluminum preparation for inks and coatings enables customers to use the same product for waterborne, UV and high solids coating chemistries by providing broad compatibility that is optimized for long-term gassing stability in aqueous environments. COMPAL WS preparation is delivered in an easily dispersible granular form for safe and easy handling, improved shelf stability, and various transportation advantages.
  • SunMICA Deep Black Pearlescent: A black pearl pigment for powder coatings and plastics offers exceptional luster, sparkle and jetness compared to traditional commercially available black pearlescent pigments. Similar in opacity to other pearlescent pigments, formulators can adjust the shade of Sun Chemical’s black pearl pigments by simply changing the loading.
  • Benda-Lutz® SPLENDAL: Sun Chemical’s Benda-Lutz SPLENDAL vacuum metallized pigments are microscopically-thin aluminum platelet suspensions for premium mirror-like coatings. They are available in four different thicknesses to create a range of effects from brilliant clean “white” to intense dark chrome reflections and are available in multiple solvents for almost every coating application.
  • Benda-Lutz® MAXAL EC: These aluminum flakes for use in powder architectural coatings are the industry standard for performance in powder coating systems. Featuring one of the lowest environmental impacts with no solvents and near 100 percent utilization, the MAXAL EC stain resistance and durability allows users to consider mono-coat applications, thereby eliminating a clear coating layer typically required for metallic finishes.

Sun Chemical to Highlight Polymer Solutions at Booth

Sun Chemical will also feature a wide range of polymer solutions for the coatings market, including:

  • WATERSOL® AC Series: Sun Chemical Advanced Materials offers a broad range of waterborne acrylic emulsions for plastic and metal coatings. For example, WATERSOL® AC 3080 is a waterborne acrylic emulsion for common plastics, metal and glass coatings. It is designed for 2K single layer coatings and provides universal adhesion as well as exceptional metallic pigment orientation.
  • FINEPLUS® HM Series: Sun Chemical’s polyester polyols for reactive hot melts are available in amorphous, liquid and crystalline varieties. The FINEPLUS® HM series features exceptional flexibility, quality, as well as adhesion to various substrates, such as metal, plastics, textiles and glass, and can be used for aeronautical, automotive, naval, medical and packaging applications.
  • BURNOCK® AC Series: This series is comprised of a wide variety of solventborne acrylics for various coatings on plastic. BURNOCK® AC 1651 is a solventborne acrylic that features best-in-class adhesion to untreated polypropylene, specifically EPDM-modified types and common plastic substrates, such as ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, PVC and many more. Additionally, BURNOCK® AC 1651 exhibits optimized resistance to water, humidity and chemicals.
  • EPICLON: Ideal for major applications in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, tooling and adhesives industries, Sun Chemical’s EPICLON epoxy resins impart high-performance composites with unmatched heat and water resistance, toughness and excellent adhesion and come with difunctional, trifunctional and tetrafunctional varieties.
  • DICNATE SG Series: A new series of cobalt free driers for paints, DICNATE SG-160 has been optimized for solventborne coatings while DICNATE SG-160BZ is for water-based systems. The manganese-based driers provide strong drying performance even without auxiliary driers.

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s wide range of pigment and advanced materials technology that will be on display during the European Coatings Show 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany on March 19-21, 2019, visit Sun Chemical’s booth located in Hall 4 Stand 4-353, or visit

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