Hexion Collaborates with Acell and Arcitell to Launch Innovative Cladding Material at the International Builder’s Show

Specialty resins from Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) are being used to launch QoraTM cladding, crafted by Arcitell, a groundbreaking exterior panel product for the construction market that enables improved fire, smoke and toxicity properties, reduces installation time and costs, as well as helps address the shortage of skilled labor.

“Hexion’s specialty resin helps to enable the manufacturing of products that do not exist today and is core to the launch of applications and products that were unimaginable more than a year ago,” says JP Aucoin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Phenolic Specialty Resins, Hexion. “We’re excited to collaborate with Acell Industries Ltd and Arcitell to help deliver their Qora cladding product to the market.”

“This is a great example of true collaboration, culminating in the launch of an important industry changing solution. It really needs to be seen,” says Aldino Albertelli, Chairman & CEO, Acell.

Qora cladding is a lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer panel that authentically replicates traditional brick, stone and wood siding manufactured using a new technology that integrates the latest in material science and product design in order to simplify the building process, deliver outstanding look and performance, and provide an answer to construction industries’ ongoing labor concerns.

Experts from Hexion, Acell and Arcitell will be on hand at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, February 19-21, 2019, to demonstrate and discuss the science and technology behind this innovative siding product.

Qora cladding will be available in the U.S. Southeast and Texas. Qora panels offer unmatched simplicity and workability for builders seeking an easier way to meet consumer demand for home elevations like brick, stone and cedar.

“Qora cladding was born from the belief that Arcitell could produce a cladding product without trade-offs — and our persistence to work not-stop until that material existed,” says Jeff Adams, President and CEO. “In collaboration with great partners like Hexion, we are doing just that.”

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About Hexion

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Inc. is a global leader in thermoset resins. Hexion Inc. serves the global wood and industrial markets through a broad range of thermoset technologies, specialty products and technical support for customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. Hexion Inc. is controlled by investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC. Additional information about Hexion Inc. and its products is available at

About Acell
ACELL INDUSTRIES LTD is an Irish company (Innovation Center in Milan, Italy) with multi-disciplinary expertise in material science, process know-how, molding and building science. ACELL INDUSTRIES LTD is championing a wide range of applications for its composite material solutions within architectural and advanced composite markets.

About Arcitell
Arcitell, a joint venture between Canton, Ohio-based Belcap, Inc., a member of the Belden family of holdings, and Acell Industries, produces innovative exterior panels and trim for commercial and residential exteriors. Founded in 2017 in response to the desire to commercialize Acell technology as a cladding in North America, and Belcap’s goal to introduce solution-oriented new products to the cladding industry, Arcitell has developed Qora, a lightweight fiber reinforced polymer panel that authentically replicates traditional brick, stone and wood siding. Arcitell anticipates full commercialization of Qora in North America by early 2019.


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