Follow Solvay’s innovation path at ECS Nuremberg 2019 featuring state-of-the-art Coatings formulations

With macro and socio-economic market drivers creating an increased demand for more functionality and better sustainability in today’s paints and coatings, formulators are demanding more innovative binder and performance solutions.

The sustainability and functionality of paints and coatings are greatly impacted by binder technologies. Latex suppliers and coatings manufacturers continue to develop higher performing polymer chemistries to meet market needs for improved functionality in waterborne coatings systems.

Patrice Pinsard, VP Novecare Coatings said “We are able to develop and to design innovative polymer solutions hand in hand with our customers”.

Market demand continues to grow for waterborne industrial coatings solutions that offer specific properties. Formulators are in search of technologies that address the challenges of adhesion-to-difficult substrates, anticorrosion, hydrophobicity and overall durability, specifically in the segments of DTM (direct-to-metal), metal structures, shipping containers, etc. These segments are converting to waterborne products that deliver the same performance requirements as their solvent-based counterparts.

In architectural coatings, the trend toward “healthier paints” has been expanded to include solvent-free, APE- and VOC-free, label-free, low-odor and odor-eliminating technologies. Today’s consumers are looking for more functionality in their paints and no longer look at them as solely for decorative purposes.

Solvay Novecare has developed a new line of solutions that address the need for performance improvement and regulatory compliance in both waterborne architectural and industrial coatings. This new offering, to be featured during the 2019 European Coatings Show, was developed specifically for the formulation of architectural paints, waterborne industrial direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings, adhesives and printing inks.

Solvay’s unique combination of the Sipomer® line of specialty monomers and surfactants offers the high performance needed to achieve improved durability, sustainability, adhesion, corrosion resistance and to deliver new functionalities for high performance coatings. In addition to the existing specialty monomers product line, the new solutions include a new, high-efficiency, Sipomer®PAM 600. This specialty adhesion monomer is used with specialty emulsifiers, such as the Rhodafac® and Aerosol® line of products, which are designed for both architectural and industrial latex systems. Sipomer® PAM 600 answers the need for enhanced adhesion on difficult substrates, such as aluminum, cold-rolled steel, glass, concrete, wood and inorganic surfaces. In addition to its exceptional adhesion properties, Sipomer® PAM 600 offers ease of incorporation and can be utilized as a polymerizable surfactant in combination with other traditional emulsifiers. The polymerizable aspect of Sipomer® PAM 600 results in less water sensitivity, reduced surfactant leaching, low foam and better corrosion- and flash rust-resistance.

Solvay’s new product line also features a new formaldehyde scavenger additive, Rhodoline® FS 360, which eliminates formaldehyde odors in waterborne paint formulations. Rhodoline® FS 360 is an easy-to-use scavenger additive compatible with a variety of binder systems for paint formulations.

Products to be showcased include a new line of label-free, APE-free, low VOC wetting and dispersing agents in the Rhodoline® range.

During the show, Solvay Novecare will present two seminars focusing on advanced solutions for latex in waterborne industrial DTM coatings and architectural paints. The first discusses how the unique combination of Sipomer®PAM 600 specialty monomers and surfactants can improve performance in coatings formulations. The second highlights the benefits of formulating interior paints with the Company’s new formaldehyde scavenger, Rhodoline® FS 360.

Attend Solvay’s Technical Seminars and meet our experts:

#1 Enhancing Performance of Waterborne Industrial Coatings #2 Well-being and sustainability solutions
Presented by
Nemesio M. CASTRO

R&I Manager

Tuesday 19 March 2019
14:30-14:50 pm
Stand 1-131

Presented by
Frank XU

R&I Manager

Wednesday 20 March 2019
11:50-12:10 am

Source: Solvay

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