Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) today announced it has named Brenntag North America, Inc., part of the Brenntag Group (“Brenntag”) as its national distribution partner for its Epoxy Specialty and Base Epoxy Resins and Intermediates businesses in the United States and Canada.

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with Brenntag as a distribution partner because of their commitment to strong customer service throughout the sales process,” said Ann Frederix, Senior Vice President, Epoxy Specialties. “As a global market leader in chemical distribution, Brenntag has extensive experience as a distributor for a variety of resins and epoxy products, as well as a strong technical sales team.”

“We are excited to be aligned with Hexion, an industry leading supplier of epoxy resins,” said Ted Davlantes, Vice President, Coatings and Construction, Brenntag North America. “These products will provide us with a robust spectrum of epoxy solutions for our customers.”

Hexion is a leading producer of epoxy specialty resins, modifiers and curing agents in Europe and the United States with a global reach to its end markets. Epoxy resins are the fundamental component of many types of materials and are often used in the automotive, construction, wind energy, aerospace and electronics industries due to their superior adhesion, strength and chemical resistance. Epoxy specialty resins are also used for a variety of high-end coating applications.  Epoxy-based surface coatings are among the most widely used industrial coatings due to their long service life and broad application functionality combined with overall economic efficiency. Hexion also leverages its resin and additives position to supply custom resins to specialty coatings formulators.  Hexion is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of basic epoxy resins, such as solid epoxy resin (“SER”) and liquid epoxy resin (“LER”), used in a wide variety of industrial coatings applications.

Source: Hexion

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