Superwetting surfactants with good foam control properties by Evonik at European Coatings Show 19

With consumer awareness of environmental protection on the rise, the demands for eco-friendly coatings are increasing. Designed to maximize wetting of difficult-to-wet substrates for a wide range of aqueous formulations, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH introduces the superwetters DYNOL™ 960 and DYNOL™ 980 at the European Coatings Show.


Superwetters are substrate wetting agents that are highly efficient at reducing surface tension, which solves multiple problems at once. This multi-functional characteristic helps formulators develop high-performance coatings and reduce the complexity of their formulations.

The superwetting surfactants DYNOL™ 960 and DYNOL™ 980 are based on unique siloxane chemistry. Offering superior equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction, the DYNOL™ 900 series plays a decisive role in achieving high-quality coatings under certain application techniques such as air-assisted or airless spray applied coatings and inkjet inks. Additionally, the DYNOL™ 980 surfactant provides better foam control than traditional siloxane surfactants, making it the product of choice for applications where foam cannot be tolerated. Because of their unique chemistry, the DYNOL™ 900 series also provides flow and leveling properties, and helps in eliminating marks left by brushes or rollers.

DYNOL™ 960 and DYNOL™ 980 provide exceptional performance in high-quality waterborne wood coatings. DYNOL™ 980 works to smooth the surface of the spray-applied coating, helps wetting the pores of the wood, and leaves no surface defects and no foam. Both products are suitable for automotive, industrial, or inks applications.


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