Evonik at the European Coatings Show 2019: Customer proximity and product innovations for market success

  • 2,000 products for coatings and adhesives applications, including many novelties
  • ECS 2019: March19-21, Hall 7A, Stand 323
  • “One partner. Many experts”: Expert network, know-how and reliability still are key elements

Evonik’s coatings and adhesives activities aim to offer tailor-made products that meet the high demands and requirements of customers. “Our innovative products address sustainable megatrends such as resource efficiency to help our customers grow in attractive markets of the future,” says Dr. Claus Rettig, chairman of the Management Board of Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH.

This claim is reflected in the slogan “One partner. Many experts. The leading specialty supplier for coatings and adhesives.” It also reflects Evonik’s pledge to offer its clients a global expert network along with know-how, experience, technological competency and reliability.

The Evonik stand highlights the variety of company products and brands to present possible solutions, including:

  • Powerful curing agents: These products help users to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations. They comprise Anquamine® 728, an aqueous curing agent for epoxy floor primers and coatings, which can be finished with a top coat in less than four hours at 10°C; Ancaminde® 2769, which allows for excellent corrosion resistance to ensure long-term object protection, and Ancamine® 2878, which achieves particularly fast curing times, even at low and medium temperatures.
  • Environmentally friendly crosslinkers: VESTANAT® EP-EF 201 is a silane/PUR hybrid adduct for single-component clear coatings that is suitable for DIY applications and guarantees a particularly high-quality appearance of wood coatings.
    The polyurethane powder coating curing agent VESTAGON® EP-BF-1350 stands out for its high reactivity, combined with easy handling, environmental compatibility and cost efficiency.
  • Easy-to-disperse fumed silicas: An innovation in the production process of AEROSIL® fumed oxides allows the wetting and dispersing of fumed silicas in one single work step – formerly possible only in two separate steps (dissolver and bead mill). The use of these “easy-to-disperse silicas” decreases processing and cleaning times and production losses. Moreover, omitting the milling step reduces investment and maintenance costs.
  • Perfect team for corrosion protection: The binder Dynasylan® SIVO 140 for water-based primers and SILIKOPON® EF for solventborne ultra-high-solid top coats form the perfect team for highly effective corrosion protection. Conventional three-layer coating structures can be cost-efficiently reduced to two layers, with identical protective action and a VOC emission of just 20 g/m2.
  • Polymer powder for higher temperature range: Evonik’s new polymer powder of the polyamide 6 series, designed for applications in higher temperature ranges, features high mechanical strength as well as excellent chemical and temperature resistance. It is especially suitable for demanding coating applications, e.g. in the oil and gas industry or the automotive sector.
  • Low-odor reactive diluent: Evonik has launched VISIOMER® GLYFOMA, a new low-odor reactive diluent for adhesive formulations, composite resins, and coatings. This partially bio-based methacrylate monomer stands out for its exceptionally low levels of vapor pressure, which facilitates open handling. In Europe, VISIOMER® GLYFOMA is label-free and registered with REACH.
  • Recoatable with TEGO® Glide 496: TEGO® Glide 496 contributes to perfect surfaces and high-quality appearance of coatings without compromising recoatability and compatibility. Producers of solvent-based wood coatings often experience challenges with traditional glide additives that provide good haptic (feel/touch) properties but are not recoatable – and vice versa. The new TEGO® Glide 496 is suitable for solvent- and waterborne formulations, has excellent compatibility, and demonstrates scratch-resistance improvement in various systems. Furthermore, the additive is globally registered, complies with various food contact regulations, and is also suitable for plastics, industrial, and transportation coatings as well as printing inks.
  • Innovative technology for dispersing additives: Finally, a solution to effectively prevent sedimentation during the storage or transport of slurries! The solution relegates expensive and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance processes for tanks to the past. Pigments are no longer lost and the formulation of the slurry is easier to calculate. Thanks to a unique combination of dispersing and rheological properties, the new additives are a 2-in-1 solution for slurry formulators.
  • Binders for interior can coating: Evonik invested in the expansion of production capacities for high molecular specialty copolyesters at its Witten site. The high-molecular polyesters of the DYNAPOL® brand serve as binders for coatings. In addition to coating large metal bands, they are increasingly used in interior coatings for cans with food contact as well as in flexible packaging.

Evonik holds leading global market positions in the coating sector for water-based additives, high-performance additives, medium- and high-molecular polyesters, isophorone crosslinkers, curing agents, methacrylate monomers and polymers, organofunctional silanes, rheological additives and matting agents. The company is also a leader in the adhesives and sealants sector, providing polyesters, polyamides, amorphous poly-alpha-olefins, silane-modified polymers and silicones, additives, fumed and precipitated silicas, organofunctional silanes, Fischer-Tropsch waxes and polybutadienes.

Source: Evonik

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