Anquamine® 728 curing agent for concrete epoxy coatings delivers applicator and end user benefits by Evonik

Evonik’s Cure-to-Go technology featuring Anquamine® 728 curing agent offers unrivalled fast cure and excellent aesthetics, for use in epoxy primers and topcoats on concrete substrates. The product answers to today’s needs of applicators and end-users and delivers improved productivity and shorter downtimes. Evonik presents its Cure-to-Go technology at the upcoming European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

The combination of Anquamine® 728 and Ancarez® AR-555 solid epoxy resin dispersion yields recoat times of less than four hours at 10 °C, thus allowing two coatings applied in one day with next day back-in-service. Topcoats are best formulated with diluted epoxy resin for excellent aesthetics and good compatibility with pigment pastes.

Anquamine® 728 based primers and coatings show excellent adhesion strength to damp concrete substrates, cure at temperatures down to 10°C, offer one-coat wet film application up to 500 g/m2 and show minimal pigments flocculation, all of which allow applicators to get the job done quickly. Benefits realized by the end user include shorter downtimes, good pigmentations with colored finishes, high gloss and UV durability, low emissions and excellent aesthetics with no downtime.

Further information will be provided in the presentation
“Cure-2-Go: New epoxy floor coatings with unrivalled fast cure and improved aesthetics” by Dirk Fuchsmann, Manager Applied Technology for Civil Engineering EMEA, between 10.10 and 10.30 on March 20, 2019, at stand 131 in hall 1 at the ECS trade show, and online at

Source: Evonik

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