Stahl, launches Relca® HY-288, a hydrophobic hybrid dispersion designed to provide excellent resistance to stains such as coffee, red wine and mustard in 1 component systems. With this new solution, Stahl – world leader in leather chemicals and high-performance coatings and polymers, is able to achieve excellent performance for its clients in the furniture and interior industry. 

Relca® HY-288 is a water-based, solvent-free hydrophobic hybrid, free of Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEO) and self-crosslinking that provides excellent stain resistance in 1K coating systems in clear and pigmented systems. This binder gives excellent resistance to stains such as hot coffee, red wine and mustard. It ensures forming clear, hard and glossy films while offering a good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.

Raymond Bakker, Global Business Director Stahl Polymers: “Professionals from all industries are looking for the latest innovations, also in the interior design industry. Our new stain-blocking solution Relca® HY-288 offers important benefits for furniture and interior joinery coatings that require a perfect balance of properties. We have tested the performance of Relca® HY-288 elaborately. If we look for example at the drying speed, compared to market references, Relca® HY-288 dries 25% faster. A huge win in production time. We are very glad that we can achieve excellent results for our clients by using simple, efficient and less costly formulations.”

Key benefits Relca® HY-288
Using the water-based hybrid resin for superior stain resistance, the key benefits are:

  • Forms clear, hard and glossy films
  • Low water absorption and low water vapor permeability
  • Excellent overall stain resistance
  • Excellent hot coffee and wine stain resistance in white pigmented coatings (>48 hours)
  • Good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces
  • High chemical and scratch resistance
  • It can be used in high gloss and matt formulations

Source: Stahl

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