Multi-curing solution for robust and efficient UV curable waterborne coatings by Covestro

The furniture market is growing worldwide. In light of the intense competition, manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to react more flexible and shorten lead times. This is also true for industrial furniture coating, where there is a constant need to balance speed and quality. Beyond efficiency, the furniture market follows the global trends and puts increasing emphasis on sustainability.

At the European Coatings Show 2019 from March 19-21 in Nuremberg, Covestro has presented Bayhydrol® eco UV 2877, a fast-drying dispersion offering great application flexibility when used in UV curing, one- and two-component coating systems. It can be used in both pigmented and clearcoat formulations and is equally suitable for topcoats and primers. Moreover, around 35 percent of the product is based on biomass. 

Coating formulations based on Bayhydrol® eco UV 2877 show a multi-curing mechanism: the coatings achieve tack-free films with good mechanical properties and stain resistance even before UV curing or at low UV energy dosage. Curing with UV radiation gives final coatings with even higher chemical resistance and hardness.

Significantly higher productivity

“Drying is up to 50 percent faster than with a high-performance standard product,” says Dr. Berta Vega Sánchez, marketing manager for furniture coatings and adhesives at Covestro. “The coating achieves good properties even in shaded areas without the need to add an additional hardener, which is equally beneficial to coating formulators and parts manufacturers.”

Furniture manufacturers gain design freedom since three-dimensional parts with shaded areas can be coated to a high level of quality. One-component UV coatings are easy to handle, there is no pot life to consider and there is less waste than with standard systems. 

Ecological advantages
The waterborne coatings require no reactive thinner and emit lower amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) than standard systems, allowing for more favourable labelling. The lower dependence on UV quality means that either processor can reduce the UV dosage or coatings formulators can reduce the amount of photoinitiator, which is a real cost advantage. 

Bayhydrol® eco UV 2877 is partially based on renewable resources, contributing to a circular economy by helping to close the carbon loop. Additionally, a Life Cycle Assessment has shown a significant improvement in the carbon footprint compared to standard waterborne UV curable dispersions. The other environmental impact categories under investigation show the expected trends when comparing bio-based to fossil-based materials.

For all these reasons Bayhydrol® eco UV 2877 is a perfect example for achieving more with less: reduced consumption of energy and fossil resources leads to better surface properties. 

Source: Covestro

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