ENCOR® 601 acrylic latex by Arkema: A new resin to provide outstanding surfactant leaching resistance

Arkema today introduced ENCOR® 601 acrylic latex for use in low VOC masonry coating applications. Properly formulated, this new resin provides outstanding surfactant leaching resistance, which helps reduce the likelihood of stain formation and other undesired effects in a finished coating.

“Traditional low VOC masonry coatings have always been prone to surfactant staining, especially in exterior building applications,” John Hiel, North American business manager for Coating Resins at Arkema, explained. “In developing this product, we addressed the primary causes of staining resulting from surfactant leaching. This led us to focus on areas such as better temperature and environmental resistance, adhesion properties, formulation design and more.”

The result, ENCOR® 601 acrylic latex, is a 100% acrylic binder that offers a variety of benefits to the formulator, including:

  • Surfactant leaching resistance
  • Excellent efflorescence and alkali resistance
  • Strong block resistance capability
  • Outstanding adhesion in wet and dry conditions
  • Low-VOC properties, making it ideal for formulations in the zero to 50 g/l VOC range

“ENCOR® 601 binder enables the formulation of higher performance, lower VOC masonry coatings when compared to existing options,” Hiel said. “This is something formulators and users of architectural coatings have been requesting for a long time.”

ENCOR® 601 binder is now commercially available. To learn more, visit

Source: Covestro

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