The ACS Heroes of Chemistry award: B1:B2™ Compact Paint System by PPG

The ACS Heroes of Chemistry award: B1:B2™ Compact Paint System by PPG

PPG (NYSE: PPG) today announced that a team of automotive OEM coatings scientists are the recipients of the American Chemical Society (ACS) 2019 Heroes of Chemistry Award for the discovery and development of the B1:B2™ Compact Paint System.

The B1:B2 Compact Paint System enables customers to reduce the number of steps necessary to paint a vehicle by eliminating the primer layer, therefore removing the need for a dedicated primer booth and all related processing.

In the coatings system, the B1 layer provides primer, filling, chip resistance and durability protection, while the B2 layer provides color and additional durability. Both layers are applied wet-on-wet and do not require a baking or heated drying process in between.

The B1:B2 Compact Paint System generates substantial savings in capital and operating costs for automotive manufacturers by requiring a smaller paint shop footprint, reducing energy consumption and increasing overall process efficiency.

“Our incredibly talented scientists are at the heart of our product innovations and offerings,” said Rebecca Liebert, PPG senior vice president, automotive coatings. “As a result of their dedication and commitment, we are able to help our customers reduce costs and increase productivity with the B1:B2 Compact Paint System.”

The ACS Heroes of Chemistry award honors the role industrial chemical scientists and their companies play in improving human welfare through commercial innovations and products.

Source: PPG

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