PPG’s Kevin Braun to discuss future of coatings industry in keynote address at Eastern Coatings Show

PPG’s Kevin Braun to discuss future of coatings industry in keynote address at Eastern Coatings Show

PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced that Kevin Braun, PPG vice president, industrial coatings, will deliver the keynote address at the 2019 Eastern Coatings Show (ECS), May 13-15 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Braun’s presentation, titled “The Future of the Coatings Industry: How Current Trends Are Driving Change,” will review the convergence of two megatrends – digital transformation and the future of mobility – and the opportunities they present to the coatings industry. Braun will address the need for coatings manufacturers to evolve beyond developing products that prevent corrosion and provide color. The more urgent challenge is to create materials that help functionalize a rapidly emerging mobility ecosystem.

Additional topics that Braun will explore are:

  • Digital transformation and emerging mobility-related technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and their influence on automotive coatings manufacturing;
  • Coatings for lightweighting and multi-surface substrates that incorporate advanced alloys, printed materials and high-strength composite metals;
  • The latest advancements in functional coatings that self-clean, de-ice, de-fog, self-heal or deliver information to vehicles through electrical conductivity, radio frequency and other embedded signal-collection technologies; and
  • Multi-purpose mobility coatings that layer more than one functionality into a formulation.

Braun also will address new solutions to traditional coatings industry challenges, such as improving quality control, corrosion resistance and production efficiency while making coatings less energy-intensive to manufacture.

Source: PPG

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