allnex, the leading global supplier of coating resins and additives, will grant AcmeChem an exclusive license for manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing allnex CYREZ(R)964 resins with the right to use the brand name as CYREZ 964I in the territory of India and Sri Lanka effective January 2019.

CYREZ is one of the most recognized brand names of allnex for Hexa methoxymethyl melamine (HMMM) powder resins, which are among the industry’s best known performance compounds used by major tire producers worldwide. HMMM is a crosslinker for adhesion promoting and reinforcing systems in tire and rubber applications. The resin functions as either an adhesion promotion for steel cord in the breaker compound, or as a crosslinker material in various applications.

India is one of the largest tire markets in Asia-Pacific as well as one of the biggest market opportunities fueled by the growing middle class consumer segment. In addition, it is also a prominent exporter of tires. As a result, India’s tire industry has very strong domestic and export growth.

Kaosol Taweesak, the Regional Business Director of allnex Rest of Asia, stated: “allnex is one of the largest global HMMM producers and aims to have a sustainable growth, especially in tire markets. Having the local HMMM powder manufacturer, a trustful and reliable partner as AcmeChem, who will help allnex to serve the tire manufacturers more efficiently with shorter lead-time, will make us more competitive in India and Sri Lanka.”

Source: allnex

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